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  • branfordman54 Level 1 (90 points)

    33 pages of complaints since the release of iTunes 11, and counting. For those of us who live in iTunes and appreciated its former elegance and simplicity, it's a disaster. It's not just Cover Flow, though. I thought I'd eventually get used to the redesigned inetrface, but I still can't make sense of much of it. So, it's not just a cosmetic disappointment, but a huge functional disappotinment as well.

  • MacPow75 Level 1 (15 points)

    jesmondo wrote:


    the loss (theft?) of cover art is a massive annoyance that undoes 10 years of loving care and attention.


    No response from Apple at all - are they listening and, of more concern, do they even care?


    EXACTLY.... While one might argue that the majority of users don't spend a lot of time and loving care into our iTunes library... cover art, playlists, metadata, etc... many of us do!! And some of us put A LOT of time and care into it... and the point I want to make is that those of us who do care, who are interested in Cover Art and Cover Flow, who are constantly tending their iTunes database... are exactly the type of computer user that Apple has always attracted, and tried to attract.... iTunes is what got me in the door for the whole apple experience... hardware, software, music, graphics, all that... Now??? Sorry, I feel truly marginalized by Apple... Blown Off... They don't care about me??... Well, Brand Loyalty in my house just took a big hit at Apple.


    Peter Coyote can lend his awesome "knowing" hip voice to apple commercials, but when the programmers and bean counters gut the true experience in their software... it is all just, well.....

  • PleaseRSVP Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind removing cover flow?

  • apliguori Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand the frustration. I also tend to my iTunes library relentlessly but I do not feel so offended by the lack of cover flow. I can still see my album art, the ones that came with the music or the ones I have added myself. I actually really like the way the album color is the background on the text as well. Overall I don't see too much of a difference in the new iTunes. Im not happy or disappointed. Just something new to get used to.

  • Patrick Weisser Level 1 (0 points)

    My guess would be that it has to do with the push Apple is making toward user's becoming reliant upon iCloud.  Ultimately I think Apple wants us to stop using local storage for our music libraries, instead constantly streaming our purchased music from their servers.  Flipping through our cover art online would be slow and place a greater burden on their servers.  As a music lover with high quality cover art, special versions of some music, and a large library, I see huge downsides to being forced to iCloud.  Besides always needing an Internet connection, the problem really is that Apple can substitute their copy of a song for the one you may have obtained from a higher quality source (such as CD or a High Definition lossless download that's at a very high sample rate with 24-bit depth). The last time I checked, Apple is NOT streaming in lossless quality. Also, streaming gives Apple total control of your purchases, right down to album art work.  And there's nothing to stop Apple from eventually charging a subscription to access the songs you already own.  iCloud features (such as downloading past purchases to a new device) are a welcome addition in iTunes, only so long as they do not infringe upon the freedoms and control we currently enjoy, not to mention causing a loss of existing iTunes functionality.


    Apple used to be a company that favored individual freedoms and creativity over the mindless obedience of corporate edicts (i.e. the classic Mac commercial from 1984). Now they just want us to buy into their master playlist in the sky like good little consumer sheep.

  • branfordman54 Level 1 (90 points)

    While Apple has said most users don't use or care about Cover Flow (highly suspect logic), I'd guess that your possible explanation holds a lot more plausibility. Despite what some might want, I find the whole cloud concept to be unappealing. I want my music, the music I purchased, mostly ripped on my own on my computer where I can listen to it regardles of whether my network is up or down, or whether I'm tethered to a slow connection, etc. I see all of your points as valid and scary.

  • JPHP Level 1 (15 points)

    Now that iTunes 11.0.1 seems to have broken Cover Stream in full-screen mode and made it a bit erratic in normal, I've tried something different...


    Set 'Keep movie window on top of all other windows' in Preferences.


    Click on the album art up in the top bar, make it as big as possible and centre it on the screen.


    Enable Visualizer (cmd-T).


    Enable full screen (ctrl-cmd-F).


    Now you should have your album art full-screen over a mostly black screen (with cheesy lights and stuff behind the picture, but quite hidden and not very distracting). No nice chain of album covers, but it isn't too bad, and at least you can see the art properly from across the room. No track info apart from the little lower-left one straight after a song change though, it doesn't stay on since they broke that as long ago as iTunes 7 (I think).


    Giving in, possibly. But it works and is a reasonably enjoyable way to view the album covers.

  • LargeAl Level 1 (110 points)

    Apple Lost a lawsuit from Mirror Worlds, a software business started by a Yale University computer-science professor David Gelernter, claimed that Apple’s Cover Flow and Time Machine display methods infringed on its patents, and was awarded $208.5 million in damages for each of the patents infringed.


    See more here: -related-lawsuit/


    This could have a lot to do with it.


    Apple has asked U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis for an emergency stay of the verdict, claiming that there are outstanding issues with two of the three patents, and also claimed Mirror Worlds would be “triple-dipping” if it were to collect the full $208.5 million for each of the three patents.

  • greenmind Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes unfortunately it does look like apple is headed towards icloud for all music. Now I have a very fast cable intenet connection, and I can't see a time coming soon, where I would be able to hear an album in vinyl quality, let alone CD quality, just using the cloud. All that users are getting is an increased dumbing down in sound quality. First CD's, then mp3's, and now the cloud.  Plus I have a whole lot of music, that cannot even be found in the itunes store. I have never purchased a mp3, from itunes, and will not pay for the cloud. If itunes does follow this route, I will be using spotify.


  • Cascadians Level 1 (0 points)

    I have autism and rely on my esoteric extensive collection of mantra / kirtan / bhajan recordings I have been collecting for over 40 years.  Buy CDs, import to iTunes.  99% of the CDs I buy are not offered by the Apple store.   Have heavenly playlist I put on Shuffle airplaying to ten speakers throughout house.  Cover Flow on Apple TV showing the album covers against black background, soothing. 


    Do not want this to ever change.  Will not upgrade.  Need Cover Flow and all the search features, lists and columns. 


    I want Steve Jobs to come back right away and fix Apple's slide.  Does he have to reincarnate to save Apple again? 

  • Patrick Weisser Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes the slow erosion of support for local content on our computers is all very worrying.  Apple is becoming the face on the screen in the 1984 classic Mac ad.

  • nuno1959 Level 1 (25 points)

    hi guys


    please DON'T forget to pass on your comments about iTunes11 to Apple themselves here :



    that's the only way we might get back the features that matter to us, iTunes users



  • branfordman54 Level 1 (90 points)

    Thanks. I've done that, but others may not have. It may be the only way they get to hear from us, since there's no way of knowing how much attention they pay to what's posted here.

  • jameskg Level 1 (5 points)

    You've ruined iTunes. Not only is this formerly near-perfect application now much less useful, you've removed Cover Flow? What were you thinking? This is much worse than the Apple Maps fiasco. You've ruined a flagship product. Pleas...e put the app back together. Cover Flow is a feature I consider part of my Apple devices. Why would you presume to just remove a feature that was so much a part of my decision to use Apple products? And remove so much other functionality, as well? Do you even use focus groups when you make unnecessary, radical changes like this? Please put iTunes back together. I'm not upgrading past 10.7 until you do.

  • Patrick Weisser Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey James well said.  Be sure to copy and paste your post to the Apple development team directly:


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