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  • sunfrost Level 1 Level 1

    Haha. no, I am not even an Apple Fanboi. This is on my PC. I only use iTunes because I have to for my iPod touch. It almost never syncs correctly, wifi or plugged into USB. Before wifi upgrades, I used to have to always bring it into the Apple store to do upgrades. iTunes crashes frequently, and is probably the worst engineered piece of software I've seen in the past decade and a half.


    I'm merely providing something that gets the job done for all of us that built our cover database inside iTunes. I wish I had done it the hard way and included them directly into the .mp3 files, and properly updated my music data in the ID3 tag, that way I could just use Winamp. But I didn't. So I'm stuck just like everyone else.


    This option does at least work for me. All I want to be able to do is send an HDMI signal to my TV, and have something show up other than the regular iTunes screen. Like, you know, the cover art.

  • craigfrommostoles Level 1 Level 1

    Same happened to me when i downgraded to 10.7 (tried it twice)! It kept asking me for the .itl file, saying that it could not open it as it was created by a newer version.

  • healewis Level 1 Level 1

    Are you listening APPLE? this new version of iTunes is, visually,  just like an older version of windows media player I have on my laptop which runs windowsXP! What are you thinking of and why is there no option within the update to ask if we want to keep coverflow?


    Typical Apple higherarchy, too big to worry about individual customers it seems

  • healewis Level 1 Level 1

    I'm confused? where do you find all the files you rename? If you uninstall iTues11 first will that not remove all my music? Do I follow your instructions step by step? Excuse my ignorance please but I would like to scrap 11 and revert back to 10.7 :-)

  • Trane Francks Level 2 Level 2

    healewis wrote:


    I'm confused? where do you find all the files you rename? If you uninstall iTues11 first will that not remove all my music? Do I follow your instructions step by step? Excuse my ignorance please but I would like to scrap 11 and revert back to 10.7 :-)



    You only need to rename one file: "iTunes Library.itl". You can find it in your Music/iTunes folder. Older versions of your iTunes library database are inside that iTunes folder in another folder called "Previous iTunes Libraries". If you look in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder, you'll see earlier versions of your music database, one for each version of iTunes you've installed. You'll probably see one dated early Dec 2012. That'll be your 10.7 version of the library. Copy that back into the main iTunes folder and rename it to "iTunes Library.itl".


    Uninstalling the iTunes application from the Applications folder does not remove your iTunes folder or its contents, so your music will remain. By all means DO use Pacificist to install iTunes 10.7, as simply running the package installer in OS X will not net the results you desire, which is to overwrite newer system files with the older version.


    Technically, uninstalling iTunes 11 with AppZapper is not necessary. Personally, I dragged iTunes 11 off to the Trash and emptied here, but I have seen other accounts indicating that AppZapper is the preferred method. As such, I have included that information here.


    Caveat Emptor: Make sure your computer is backed up before downgrading. If attempting to downgrade to 10.7 results in mass flooding, earthquakes and/or the end of the world as we know it, I cannot be held responsible. Also note that music purchased/downloaded/added to your iTunes Library since your upgrade to 11 will need to be imported again. Also note that you may experience a loss of some album art, which may be a major or minor inconvenience to you depending on your perspective and size of collection.


    Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

  • affenpinscher Level 1 Level 1

    This has already been discussed in this thread. Won't work for my specific situation.

  • lucser Level 1 Level 1

    Beside the feedback form that is provided here in the forum and that I have really doubts that Apple is carring about there is also an open petition. It was mentioned in the forums by Christian Theisinger but was removed twice by Appe " moderators".  Try Google and you will find it. Use it. It takes less than a minute. I am not optimistic on being succesful but it worth trying.

  • affenpinscher Level 1 Level 1

    Tried to locate it lucser, but I'm not having any luck. At the risk of being "removed" again (what is this, Russia?) can you try to be more specific? I know that's why you didn't go into detail... tough line to walk.

  • Trane Francks Level 2 Level 2

    Google "Cover Flow" and

  • besug Level 1 Level 1

    I want the cover flow back!!!! It was the only good thing of Itunes!! How can we do?? (without downgrading...)

  • animeotaku0321 Level 1 Level 1

    I submitted the iTunes Feedback form, but does anyone at Apple even read those?  Or follow-up with it?  >~<


    I agree with everyone here, removing Cover Flow is a step backwards..  :\

  • Nigel1966 Level 1 Level 1

    I dont like the new itunes 11....I signed the petition. Like most I liked cover flow, including the guy I saw outside my local Apple store with a big sign saying bring back Cover Flow...well I shall revert back to an older version of Itunes until they sort themselves out.

    Apple I am deeply disappointed...

  • ninthname Level 1 Level 1

    Cover Flow aside, this new design is totally, completely awful. I am not one who complains about updates in function or form, because as a designer and business owner I get the importance of updates - from both perspectives.

    Even in list mode, iTunes 11 took me from a convenient list on the left with EVERYTHING listed and easy access to having to manage two stupid menus, the pulldown on the upper left and the options buttons across the top. Makes no sense whatsoever. I hope they decide to be open to feedback this time.

  • Surfink1963 Level 1 Level 1

    I would also like to go on record as completely dismayed and disappointed at the removal of Cover Flow from iTunes 11. This is just beyond belief, Cover Flow was one of iTunes signature features, the thing that gave it "wow" factor and "sizzle". To dump the whole feature just seems incredibly stupid—what is going on at Apple lately? Get it together, people. After the disastrous launch of Lion, and now this? As soon as I noticed CF missing after upgrading iTunes the other day, and finding the bad news online, I put iTunes 7 back on and will disable any further upgrades until Cover Flow is restored. Rule #1 of industrial design: "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!!!"

  • mfnjohn Level 1 Level 1

    Count me as another frustrated user of version 11. I don't get how Apple makes decisions on radically changing the interface without considering users preferences? BRING BACK COVERFLOW, PLEASE!

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