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    Very strange, I compiled a huge reply regarding coverflow, cover-flow or cover flow, in Pages. I had to edit it down, but it was still a large reply. I did the spellcheck, as my typing is pretty bad. All the "coverflow" spellings were correct, (that is the correct way of spelling it as the verbs have now become a noun). I then pasted it into the reply window everything seemed to be okay, but when I see the reply, strangely, I see that the word "coverflow" has been autocorrected as "overflow". Apologies to all.


    I hope this does not diminish my argument?


    Here is Part Two to the "Coverflow" reply:


    I really would like Apple/iTunes to reinstate CoverFlow. (Maybe that's a better way of spelling it)?


    There has just been a new update for iTunes 11.0.3 (42) 64-bit (16/05/2013). These updates all seem to help, especially if you have a large library like mine. Thank you iTunes.


    Unfortunately, the toolbar album cover icon can no longer be enlarged to full screen size when clicked on which isn't so good!


    When it comes to album covers I am a bit particular, or an anorak, (according to some). If the cover that comes with the album, or in a lot of occasions, is incorrect, grotty or of a very low resolution, I hunt down a decent original. Preferably the original vinyl LP cover, if it is pre-CD era. (Online there are a few decent album cover websites). I resize it to an appropriate size, mainly 211.67 x 211.67 mm and 120 pixels per inch or 2.86MBs. (I know some who prefer the larger size of 127 x 127 mm and 300 pixels per inch or 6.44MBs). And being an old graphic designer, I repair the cover in Photoshop, but it HAS to be an exact copy of the original. That is crucial, if its not exactly like the original, then its no good.


    I then hunt down the liner notes, preferably a few cross-references, to make sure I have the correct information. Then input the contributing artist and instrumentation to each track into the "Comments" section. (I know a lot of this information comes with the album if you are lucky, but its not always correct. i.e. the 'Gracenotes' are not always correct). By-the-way it would be an improvement if the "Comments" panel could accommodate a whole lot more information. (You have to be quite creative abbreviating instruments and names so that you can squeeze all the correct information in to the "comments" space).


    Mostly every album cover has had a lot of thought going into them, from the designer and mainly the artist, as they have something they want to share or show. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the album covers do not work as small thumbnails. Take for example the album "200 Million Thousand" by the Black Lips, the visual illusion is totally lost, (go online and check it out at a decent size and you'll see what I'm trying to point out). Going back further to any Roger Dean album cover, the beautiful intricate art is totally lost. Roger Dean poses a suggestion that double covers should be abled to be displayed. But that's a debate for another time. Another example is the brilliant H.R. Giger album cover for the Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Brian Salad Surgery". The original cover opens in a unique way, but this cannot be experienced on screen, obviously, but the visual ascetics are totally lost. The example are endless.


    All the visual aspects, whether it being photographic, illustrative, conceptual, ironic, shocking, horrible, thought provoking, whatever,… is totally lost.


    No album cover designer would like their artwork to end up as a tiny thumbnail.


    I know that the music is the real hero, but the sleeve art and the liner notes make it more personal interaction with the album. In other words the sleeve art compliments the music. Just think of "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd, that iconic prism says it all and album seems to be enhanced by it.


    All this effort and my beautifully restored covers are now relegated to a tiny little thumbnail icon. Thousands of hours of painstaking album cover restoration lost! If the iTunes application designers took pity on us who hold or keep their main iTunes libraries on their Pro or iMacs — which have larger screens than iPods, iPhones and iPads, and introduced an iTunes add-on for Mac Pros or iMacs that is the old CoverFlow, that would be brilliant.


    Again, Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?


    P.S.: Thanks for the post replies of support. They really should be attributed to the original post of abombaci.

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    All excellent points, KGeez00.   Also many intelligent lovers of CoverFlow have commented.  What pains me the most is that Steve Jobs was explicit in his inclusion of the artwork and all things related to albums and music.  He frequently made these same points and relished showing off CoverFlow, iTunes LP & Extra and always said iTunes was created for music lovers.  I cannot fathom why Apple is chopping out Steve's greatest ideals and massacring their former flagship software that built their empire.   


    Steve must be crying in heaven.  What a senseless tragedy and destruction of the very thing that made Apple special. 

  • Cascadians Level 1 Level 1

    Does anybody know if iTunes LP and / or iTunes Extra still exists and works for the end user? 


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    KGeez00 wrote:


    Unfortunately, the toolbar album cover icon can no longer be enlarged to full screen size when clicked on which isn't so good!

    That is annoying. Are the iTunes designers not capable of imagining that users might want to see the artwork enlarged?


    When it comes to album covers I am a bit particular, or an anorak, (according to some).

    I right-clicked on that word, anorak. Waterproof jacket. You're a waterproof jacket?


    No album cover designer would like their artwork to end up as a tiny thumbnail.

    Speaking of right-clicking and thumbnails, I right-clicked on an album cover in Songs view, thinking I might get the option of viewing it full size. Instead, the size option I got was small, medium and large. So the artwork is not necessarily a "tiny thumbnail." However, the largest size allowed is still a thumbnail, even if a largish one.


    Now that album art is allowed in the Songs view, iTunes 11 is a little less of a disaster. But this added feature is a pretty pale replacement for Coverflow -- and it took Apple six months to give it to us. Six months?!!! For something that obviously should have been included from the beginning.


    Keep up these great comments. Every day that this thread remains active and growing is another day of embarrassment for the iTunes team (and another day closer to the release of JRiver for Mac).

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    Sorry Mark, I should explain; the word "anorak" in the UK is a euphemism, or a colloquialism for someone who is an obsessive or boring person who has do things correctly, or has a strange hobby. Sort of like the train or plane-spotting addiction, I think that is unique to the UK. (I may be wrong)?

    I have a few friends who have a fanatical obsession for the correct information regarding the album. Also an equal fanatical addiction to finding the original album cover released with the first release. Also, importantly, that the album cover is the original to the country of origin of release. Many albums have different covers in the country of release. Normally due to laws unique to the country, and also the cardinal mistake of some marketing buffoon, who has no place in the music industry, making daft decisions on design and taste! An example of this is the "Moontan" album by Golden Earring. In the US it had a completely different cover, it was literally a golden ear ring on a greyish cover of the side of some blokes head. The original was a stunning visual of the torso, head and shoulders of woman doing a garish fan dance, referred to as the 'exotic dancer' cover, which opened out to reveal the full length woman in all her finest plumage. This was thankfully remedied when the fans in the USA complained and insisted that they get the original cover. Just another reason why it would be so good to have iTune re-instate the CoverFlow.


    I know of so many of my friends who are really cheesed off by not having CoverFlow. Some have been hunting around for other iTunes type applications. They want to be rid of their iTunes application. They are that upset. I have resolved to soldier on, and hope that the CoverFlow is put back. To me it was a vital asset to iTunes!


    I have only met one person who doesn't mind not having the CoverFlow, he is an authorised Mac technician, but his business partner, also a "muso" or "anorak", jokes that he has no soul!


    Again, Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

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    As I mentioned previously, my son "upgraded" to iTunes 11... and I have worked with it some... I can make it play music, but it is no fun... I like coverflow too much to ever leave 10.7... Navigating in 10.7 is intuitive and instinctive... Maybe I am just an old guy (55) whose neurons will always think of recorded music in an album format... I am also an old guy who spends a lot of money on media, for myself and my for kids and wife... And I feel so strongly about this issue that I will change platforms and hardware... before changing from 10.7 to this new media player that Apple has foisted upon us.

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    Hi All. If you haven't already, please be sure to leave feedback for Apple here:

  • branfordman54 Level 1 Level 1

    KGeez00: Thanks for all of your very thoughtful and poignant comments. I'm sure I speak for many when I say how much I appreciate the time you took. Best wishes.

  • stuartfromtunbridge wells Level 1 Level 1

    Funny how Apple have taken our Coverflow from our own itunes library but have something simular at the top of the itunes store page ......... strange !





    ps.... the CD inlay printing problem seems to be fixed with the latest download.

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    I have been missing it since the upgrade, mostly because I play my music on a mac and I like to see on the monitor what is playing.


    I found this ( visualizer that has given that function of coverflow back.


    Try it.  It's free.

  • Comboi Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    This sounds like it could be a good optiuon, but I've tried it and it doesn't work.  Downloaded the Mac link, double clicked the .dmg, went to the bundle and located the Cover Version file, which I moved to iTunes plug ins as instructed.  It didn't work so I CMD- Opened it and authorised it.  Still doesn't work.  Where am I going wrong?

  • aburger Level 1 Level 1



    I use this visuliazer since approx. 2 years and it is working quite well (but no replacement for CoverFlow).

    If stored it to the Library located directly on the Macintosh HD, not in my User-Library! Maybe this works for you...




    I'm also using an other visualizer called "Jacket". You can give it a try here:


    Although I'm using this visualizers, I'm really missing Coverflow. Visualizers are not a 100% replacement

    As branfordman54 suggested, I've written a feedback about iTunes, hopefully all these feedbacks help


    Apple: Bring CoverFlow Back!

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    Hi all,


    iTunes latest update 11.0.3 shows album art now on list view.

    I bit the bullet and upgraded from iTunes 10.


    The list view is better than before (choosing 3 sizes and option to show all album art), you can have album art even for one song that doesn't belong to an album or one song releases, even with only one song (before on iTunes 10, it had to be more than 5 songs from what I recall)


    The mini player can also enlarge album art like before but it can have the up next list with a within the enlarged album art.


    Nothing will ever replace cover flow. however this update is better than previous version 11. Previously I was forced to go to Album view to see a decent cover art size within the window.


    I recommend for people who are still deciding to go to the Apple store and check it out yourself.


    Screenshots below.


    Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.47.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-05-24 at 12.48.35 PM.png

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    Agreed, ***** less.  Can't get behind iTunes now.  I just found out that 11 also didn't add a whole lot of songs to my Library on upgrade.  Not worth fixing I think...

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