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    I must agree with this.

  • João Marques Level 1 (0 points)

    ..not to mention the death of final cut, shake and its node technology and the forgotten to update quicktime.
    This is not the right path at all !


  • MacPow75 Level 1 (15 points)

    Yea... I AM SO VERY HAPPY THAT THIS THREAD CONTINUES TO BE ACTIVE!!!! I have posted several times, but I remain so thoroughly confused that Apple killed coverflow.


    It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE what apple has done... I use Mission Control and love it... I swipe between safari, mail, finder, Pages and... iTunes... when I stop at iTunes, it is in coverflow... I then flip through my albums with a fluid swipe across the touchpad... it's so seamless, and in some ways beautiful...


    One of my biggest fears is that I will accidently let Apple update my iTunes and I will end up with that atrocious iTunes interface.


    Technology is supposed to serve us, not the other way around... God, I get so p1ssed off... at Apple's arrogance that they know what is best for us... They showed us how fine and elegant computing can be... then they take it way...


    Why.... WHY DOESN'T APPLE EXPLAIN IT TO US???? This "Not enough people use it" answer is actually offensive... there must be another reason... WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY????????????????

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    Apple has many flavours. It's a long time since that flavour has been sweet.


    I have many, many Apple products. Some I love and some I hate. But I still pray for a turnaround. Tim Cook is treading precious water and I hope he survives to dry off.


    Apple needs CREATIVE leadership. Creativity is what Apple has thrived on - from the developer to the customer.


    As a company it has thrived on the creative industries and likewise we have thrived on it. So it's perhaps understandable that we in the creative businesses want to preserve what we see as our own. A product miles away from the Windows opposition so enamoured by supposed 'Big business'.


    Now big business has realised what they've missed. The iPod started it, the iPhone confirmed it and now Apple is cashing in and making the loyal, ground-breaking supporters unhappy.


    That annoys me but you can hardly blame the bean counters at Apple for seeing an opportunity.


    What they fail to see (as all bean counters do) is the future. The very people that made Apple are walking away.


    That includes me. Over 14 years of Apple munching gone. Sunday lunch argueing and general **** from the same bean counter wielding morons has worn me down.


    Apple you have let me down. You have let the millions of pre-2000 Apple fans down. You have let music fans, musicians, film-makers and thousands of normal Moms down. You are corporate America at it's worst and hypocrits to boot. How ironic is that?


    Steve would weep.

  • rustyintegrale Level 1 (60 points)



    The very people that made Apple cool are walking away.


    Enough said.

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    It took me ages to make sure I had beautiful album artwork for every album in my library often rejecting the art that iTunes provided... then all of a sudden it was all gone! No more cover flow... no longer could I see my magnificent album collection. And do you know what? I just stopped using iTunes... as much as I love Macs... iTunes now looks like something you'd expect to find in Windows... no imagination, no tasteful graphics... just drab grey... text and tiny thumbnail images... boring, mundane, so very, very Microsoft. Sadly... this will be the reaction of the many loyal or not. Do Apple really care? Or are they just makin' too much money selling gimicky crap? I guess we'll find out won't we?

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    I understand exactly how you feel. I have a large iTunes library myself. Many a happy late night spent searching for rare covers, especially the older albums and singles tracks.


    As a graphic designer, who specialises in restoring old photos as a side-line, I can recreate, or "edit" them to look as they were intended.


    Like you, I love my Mac. It has been a huge aid, or tool, in my career and has helped me earn a crust. However, I feel like I am betraying it when I criticise it. But, I fear that Apple are ignoring the core Mac users who made them what they are, just link the "banksters" ignored their clients. (A lesson in this example, perhaps?) Reading the press regarding all the problems with Apple around the world, and lately the tax problem, I feel they have taken their eye of the ball and are worried about saving their reputation. As you imply,… going the same way as Microsoft. The CoverFlow issue being a tiny, tiny detail in the scheme of things. But as the late Steve Jobs believed; if you take care of the details, larger problems tend to sort themselves out. CoverFlow might be a small detail, but wouldn't if be good point to start at.


    Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

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    KGeez00, I enjoyed your post. But I thought I should mention that, to many of us, the removal of Coverflow is not a tiny detail at all. For me personally, it is a deal-breaker because I use itunes at a dance studio where others can plainly see my very large screen. Coverflow has added so much beauty to the environment for these few years we've had that configuration. I get compliments on it all of the time. The industry can be very competitive, and quite frankly, I don't want to share my music list with anyone. 11 also just looks so much less professional. I use iTunes 11 at home - accidentally upgraded (I have always used Coverflow at home as well - do I get two separate votes? - lol!) and I find that all that layering, re-sizing of windows, etc. is very cumbersome, while the final effect is nowhere near as cool as Coverflow. Basically, what I'm saying is that this is no "tiny detail" to me. I'm not going to use 11 and will search for other alternatives to iTunes. Yes, that's right, just because there is no Coverflow.

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    Thanks for that. But when I mentioned that it was a "tiny, tiny detail", I was using a very large portion of understatement. (But I'm sure you picked up on that).


    I was listening to one of the local music radio stations this afternoon and caught the end of the interview of a young, up and coming artist, (I unfortunately missed the name). He was bemoaning the fact that the album artwork on iTunes had recently been changed. The radio DJ agreed with, that it was criminal and very sad for the industry, especially for new artists trying to make an impression, as YouTube and FaceBook and such like helped, but they needed every bit of help they could get. They suggested a petition? I wonder if they know about the thread of this discussion?


    On the matter of using your iTunes CoverFlow at the dance studio, a friend of mine rigged up his digital projector to his Mac for a party he had. He then hads it set up permanently in his studio and projected an image around 1 metre squared onto the wall above his music system. Unfortunately, he no longer uses it anymore and reckons that he doesn't listen to his music as much as he'd like to, since he has been using iTunes 11.


    Again, Apple,…   iTunes,…   please bring back the CoverFlow?

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    Interesting about the radio interview. 


    Sounds like your friend is in much the same situation I am. As I said, temporarily dodged a bullet by avoiding an iTunes upgrade for now. But there may come a day where I'll be forced to upgrade because some device or another won't work without doing so. Until then, I'll continue to use 10.7 and research alternate solutions. I haven't found anything I like yet. The best outcome would still be if Coverflow functionality was restored to iTunes.


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    Hi All. If you haven't already, please be sure to leave feedback for Apple here:

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    Guys, the coverflow is still on iTunes. I find a way to get it back.. Play a musicvideo and then press next.. you will see the coverflow...the only way you can get itiTunes v3.png

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    Congrats! You just found the iTunes Miniplayer

    This is not what we are looking for...


    PS: Thanks Apple/Host for deleting my last 3 posts in this thread! Congrats too!

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    I agrree with many who have written that Coverflow was an important integral part to listening to my music. Rather than ditch it and have to put up with thumbnails I would have liked Apple to extend Cover Art so that you could explore the back cover & any included material on Lyrics, musicians and other background information that often came in a CD package. You charge enough for the digital music file (can often get the CD cheaper), so what about not short-changing us and gives more not less of the Album cover features. As someone else said Cover Art was also great for Special Needs People who rely more on picture clues than text.

    I tried iTunes 10 for a few months and tried to get used to it. I guess I did in most ways but I missed Cover Art too much so I'm going to roll back to the previous version of iTunes.

    Please bring it back.

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