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last played field not updating in iTunes 11

imac-MacBook Air-iPhone4-Apple TV-Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Me too...


    In the new iTunes 11 after a song gets played the time is not recorded in the database window? Bug?  When a song is played in Grid view when the next song plays the info window stays at the song that just played..If you Command L then you the get the new info? What gives? No Auto Advance? Bugs?? I Guess

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    Just read on some other post that if you Turn Off ''Crossfade' in the playback Prefs it records Time Played again. TRUE


    Worked for me


    Thanx Folks

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    In a different post someone suggested turning off crossfade.

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    Turning off crossfade worked ! well done guys thanks.

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    Hey! Shouldn't I get those 5 points??!! You 1%s take it all! 

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    I've turned off crossfade, and it sometimes works but sometimes doesn't.  I can't see any rhyme or reason for it.

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    It does not make sense but turning off crossfade did work for me also! FYI, I am using Windows 7 64-bit. Thanks and I hope it properly gets resolved soon.

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    This is nuts.  I base playlists on last played.  I prefer to have crossfade ON.  Why won't the last played update with the crossfade on?  I've turned it off, but don't like it.  I also am not a fan of this new setup.  Even at Apple, when people mess with things working well, it's never the same or as good as it once was.

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    It doesn't seem to work .... Crossfade ON or OFF makes no difference on my iTunes ......

    Fuc.... Too bad !!!!


    Does anyone try something else ?



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    Turning off crossfade does not make Last Played work for me either.

    iTunes 11.0.1, OSX 10.7.5



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    In iTunes 11.x, "Last Played" function is changed to "Last time this track completed playing". A new field, "Last Skipped" gets updated every time you play any part of a track.


    By experiment, with Crossfade ON, I allowed a track to complete and after the crossfade time expired, the "Last Played" field was updated. If I turn Crossfade OFF, the Last Played field is updated immediately on completion of play. Crossfade on/off is NOT the cause (or cure) to the problem.

    "Last Skipped" updates every time you leave a track and move to another track.


    Enjoy your keeping track of your tracks.


    Applecare knows this now.



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    O.K., where is the "Last time this tack completed playing" listed?

    When I go to "View Options", I see "Last Played" & now "Last Skipped", which I guess is the new Option, but not "Last time this tack completed playing".

    And my "Last Played" is still not updating. I have had Crossfade set to "Off" & even tried setting it to "On", with no effect.

    However, when I Sync my iPod Classic to the MacMini, the lsat time the song was played on the iPod shows up in iTunes on the MacMini, just not the last time the song was played on the MacMini.

    What does show up is the time stamp for the 1st song that I told the MacMini to play. Subsequent songs do not have a "Last Played" time stamp

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    Hi! I checked the "Last Played" option under STATS in the SHOW VIEW OPTIONS under VIEW on the tool bar. It brought back that column.


    Hope it works for you.

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    The "Last Played" field name has not changed. It's behavior has changed to indicate the last time this track completed playing. It does not update until the track has completed on its own.


    As I mentioned in my Feb 3 post. (The function changed, not the name):

    In iTunes 11.x, "Last Played" function is changed to "Last time this track completed playing". A new field, "Last Skipped" gets updated every time you play any part of a track.


    "Last Skipped" seems to only update the 1st time it was skipped that day.


    Have fun