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    filehippo already got rid of 10.7.


    Look on the apple site itself to find 10.7.

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    I spent over an hour on phone with apple support after installing V11 asking how to go back to V10.7 and told you cannot.  they told me to google for old itune versions the guy on their support  said they are not suppose to mention, anyway it caused all sorts of DLL file issues and now left with a crappy V11 version.  Also they got rid of the option to remove gaps between live music tracks.


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    I'm just finishing a video tutorial on how to get back to iTunes 10.7 from iTunes 11, it'll be about 20 minutes guys.

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    This is where you can download iTunes 10.7 (64 bit).


    I would uninstall iTunes 11 first.  Copy your iTunes Library file as well as Previous iTunes libraries to a new fold on your desktop, then delete or move iTunesLibrary from the iTunes music folder, rename your last best Previous iTunes library to iTunesLibrary and copy that back into your original iTunes music folder, then re-install iTunes 10.7, in order preserve your old music library playlists and song ratings.


    Worst case scenario, you can re import your music and start over.  At least iTunes 11 will be gone and you can wait out this beta testing period for iTunes 11.

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    Use a backup copy of your previous iTunes Library file.


    You did make them periodically, and especially before performing a program update, didn't you?


    If not, then check in your "Previous iTunes Libraries" Folder on your PC.  There should be the Library file from your last iTunes version.


    If you have neither, then remove iTunes 11, reinstall iTunes 10.7 and rebuilt your Library.  You will, however, lose all your Library contained metadata (PlayCounts, LastPlayed, Ratings, etc.).


    Best of Luck

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    Thanks Manny, I was having a hard time finding it.  Anytime I hit a link for 10.7 I got routed to 11.  Nice to have a safe link to Apple's download.

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    That about says it all, doesn't it? RIP Apple!

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    I actually believe that Apple can recover from these recent debacles.  IF, and this is a big IF, they learn from these mistakes and improve.  Innovation is not without risks, but they need to get out of their bubble and LISTEN.


    We're offering them free advice here.  iTunes 11.1  needs to have cover flow, iTunes DJ and a way to display duplicates.  Maybe even a way to toggle back to the 'Classic' view of 10.7 for those who are struggling with 11.


    Right now, as it stands, I'm tempted to never upgrade again.  Are you listening Apple?


    And before someone suggests that I send them feedback over at the feedback page:  been there done that.  And yes, I did so earlier today echoing all the sentiments expressed here.

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    Hi all - very glad to see I am not alone in hating this upgrade,  I am really tired of the no backwards migration apple does.  I've been a Mac user since the 512 and System 1.  I've probably bought owned and used 30 Macs over the last 28 years and placed easily a hundred or more in the hands or artists and producers, recording studios and the like... and today I stupidly did the iTunes 11 upgrade without thinking and researching it first and I have been spending the rest of this day day figuring out that it indeed does not do some things I really really need it to do and then I spent a large chunk of the rest of the day trying to roll back  two of the five computers here that I mistakenly upgraded.  I just downloaded the 10.7 installer THANKS and I'll do that later but...  whew!  what a wake up call!  This is Ballmerization...  Steve Jobs is really gone...  it's like another round of Scully except the color will be something other than beige yet equally not right. 

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    I totally agree with you. I emailed customer support early this AM and they responded that the "cover flow" was gone but that I should enjoy 11. This was before I tried to print a cd cover and everthing was jammed together on the song list. So I emailed them back. Didn't seem like they were enthused to make changes in the lst email I sent.

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    yeah my huge issue was the loss of DJ...  There were some other things I thought were good.  The search was faster.  My library is over 100,000 songs so that matters.  I've been digitizing vinyl and encoding cd's for years... plus buying tunes from the iTunes Store.  I work (mostly doing tech) in the music studio business so I buy and value my music and despite the various shortcomings I have gotten a system together with this software.  The overhaul addressed a bunch of issues I am sure, but as I said in my first post... the DJ "playlist" screen is useful... critical.  I have corrected or originated enties in the metadata for year of release, composers and so on and I like seeing the full list view.  I stream my stuff over a private icecast and if dad or someone who has access hears a tune and calls to ask what it was that went by I can go look...  likewise his library of 60K+ Jazz tunes is always going and I my tune into his stream and ask same thing because the icecasts don't leave a history...  and it gives us a nice reason to call each other and talk about music.  So loosing DJ was a blow. 


    Anyway the downgrade worked out fine... I have the file saved on the server in case someone inadvetently upgrades again like I did.  Between the house the kids and my dad we have thirteen...  fourteen devices... and I have to be the software IT enforcer...  and the rule of the day has been transmitted, in addition to holding off on iOS 6 for the iPhones we are now no longer upgrading iTunes and we'll freeze at 10.7 until or if ever we get some solution to the DJ thing


    I could accept something where I could make a smart playlist that allows me to pull some number of tunes from Up Next and add that to tunes played recently... somehow sorted in order...  so.  Get Up next into selection criteria for Smartlists I guess...  or better...  get the DJ back


    we'll se how that goes - but for now problem solved


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    What is going on at Apple?  First they take away "Save As" in the Preview application and now this horrible redesign of iTunes.


    Did anyone loose anything when they switched back to 10.7?

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    If you have old version or find it out from Google Search. Remove 11 and install old version.

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    Okay, I finally fixed my problem.  The feature that I had problems with was the missing sidebar.  I don't know why Apple turns things off without warning us, but that was my problem.  I depend on the sidebar for simple navigation, and when I saw it missing I was not aware that I could bring it back until I looked at someones blog with a photo of the 11 with the sidebar.  Then I realized that I just had to turn it back on.