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    I hope Apple is listening to the threads that I have seen on this subject.   They should have polled the users of iTunes before just sending it along.


    With iTunes 11 the following are gone or not apparent on how to get back:

    1. iTunes DJ -- wonderful tool for when you just want to set and listen to your complete library.
    2. Multiple iTunes Windows
    3. See all of your playlists/devices/everything else in one easy to use sidebar
    4. Unable to add columns to such as BPM to the list
    5. Unable put things into a list instead of having pictures of albums... trust me I like album art but I am more of a list person.


    The whole GUI was just a 40 steps back from what we now have with 10.7.



  • Kiribechan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is a nice video that shows how to downgrade.


  • Joe Abello Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This new version of iTunes really *****.  It totally f'd up my library and doesn't organize the files the way it used to.  I had to completely wipe out my library and rebuild it, but when I load some songs in, it lists them as unknown artists and you can't find them.


    How do we go back to the old version?

  • SemFeron Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    (for now) Seems there is a solution for #3, #4, and (sort of) #5...

    #3 To get the sidebar back just go to View>Show sidebar

    #4 View>View Options from song view or right clicking the columns will give you the list of available columns.

    #5 Playlist have cover list view option... So... you can create a smart playlist with songs longer than 00:01(in other words all of your music)


    Regarding everything else... *Desperately trying not to swear...* Well seems like there will bw market for external iTunes library managers...

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    iTunes 11 is a HUGE step back in terms of features / usability.

    Most important it lost the main features that was differentiated iTunes from others and make them to copy. I don't speak about the cloud issuesor purchase experience etc. things that are posted or published on all official or independent sites. Finally a user spend 99% using his library by playing and just ~1% purchasing. It is more important to see the feature set from this point of view.

    Unfortunately it is not the first bad "upgrade" and it seems that after Steve Apple start to loose slowly his direction. Probably all these feature cancelling are comming from a new "executive" eager to show his "competence" and making use of the SIMPLIST DESIGN concept. Unfortunately making a good Simplist Design it is more difficult than any other and being simple just for the sake of simplism if really stupid. Otherwise the one that will make a player with just a song list and a play button could be designated as a design Genius.


    Anyhow is good that we are posting here but be sure that nobody from Apple (or at least nobody that is above the ones that decided these iTunes massacre) will read these.

    If you realy want to try to change someting post a feedbak at :



    I will try today to downgrade.

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    Thanks SpaceBuckaroo - my problem too. After 4 hours checking forums found your reply. Worked - yay! Couldn't access my ipod library without the sidebar! Now it's back.

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    Did you finish that video? Where can we see it. itunes 11 is definitely NOT GOOD!


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    I need some help getting rid of iTunes 11. I've got two problems, both very basic and probably easy for you guys:


    1) I bought a new PC and foolishly downloaded 11 without researching the app. (Blind faith in Apple, eh?) Since the computer is new, it doesn't have any remnants of 10.7, so I can't degrade from 11 to 10.7 in the way most of the suggestions on the support sites suggest. I just want to get rid of 11 completely and then I'll download 10.7 fresh.


    2) With 11 installed on my computer I was not able to access my large iTunes library in my external HD, which I was able to do automatically with my old computer using 10.7. Perhaps a .dll problem with the download of 11? Once I have 10.7 freshly downloaded, I'm hoping this problem will be gone.


    Told you these were really simple problems. Thanks! I really appreciate it. I need my music again!

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