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1. My first impression of the user interface is that it's "square" and "flat".

   Esthetically I don't see it as an improvement. To the contrary, I think

   the former interface is nicer.



2. After starting iTunes 11.0 it sat there for 1/2 an hour with the message

   "Sending Information to Apple", then a dialog box displayed with:



   We cannot complete your iTunes Store request

   An unknown error occurred (4002)


   Note that three subsequent attempts resulted in the same iTunes match error.



3. Could not find a way to change the BRIGHT WHITE background.  I hate the white

   background for various reasons.  I'm sure many other customers preferred the dark

    background as well.


4. Tried syncing my iPhone and had to cancel.  It was copying 49 apps, I believe

   some of these were from my iPad.  Had to then restart iTunes.


5. Movies in grid view have large gaps in between the rows of movies.

   It is UGLY!  Is it just me, or do others have these huge gaps?



6. Looking at my music, I see no way to view the songs in a list view.

   Where are the convenient buttons which quickly allowed changing views?

   Now there is just unused space where they used to be.  And all of

   the menu items under View -> Column Browser are disabled. 





7. Hey, at least they brought back color icons, which Apple deemed that

   no one liked!  (That was sarcasm).



Overall I am extremely dissapointed with this update, and it has me wondering how the

most valuable company in the world could release something that looks more at home

on a Linux desktop.

MacBook Pro
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