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    Album list view is THE function I'm using since it came to iTunes and it is really the only way that works (for me).


    Now I will just stay on 10.7, iTunes 11 only on a testMac here. I just totally loose control in my library if I'm upgrading, so I don't.


    If Steve Jobs would be still there he would personally just fire the whole iTunes-team, also because Cover Flow is gone.



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    I agree, ITunes 11 allows you to use Album Art or List View, not both together. I've used iTunes since 3 and Artwork in list view since it was added, this is a jarring change which makes iTunes 11 far less usable for me.

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    For the love of god, please bring the artwork back in the list (song) view! I mean really... please.


    I need this view because I keep my library sorted by date added because I am more likely to want to listen to the albums that I've recently added. I should be able to do this and still visually browse based on the album art.


    If I could sort the actual album view by date added that would probably be sufficient for my needs, but that's not possible either.


    But really the point is that even though itunes 11 probably is designed just fine for 'most' people, there are people who are passionate about how their music is organized and apple should want to address thier needs too, and could by making just one of the views ultimately flexible so that each person have it just the way that works for them.



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    Select the "songs" view. That is closest to the previous list view. You can then move the albums list to the far left or what ever you wish. Just right click and add whatever just like in the previous iTunes. Click the albums so make it alphabetical almost the same as before.cats.jpg

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    Me too ... why do they keep d***ing around with things? There's no real reason to take that feature away.


    Control freaks ... arrrrgggggghhhhh!!

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    This isnt the same.  I primarily operate out of playlists, and some of my playlists are quite large.  Having the Album art list view made it much easier to navigate and much nicer to look at.....why oh WHY would they get rid of a view???? 


    In the top right corner there is that "view" tab that has List, Grid, and Artist List.  Would it really be that hard to add another one that said Album Art List??? 


    The closest is Artist List, but it lists alphabetically and it doesnt keep the order of your playlist, and you cant drag tracks to rearrange. 


    This is infuriating!!!!

    Apple this is cruel and unusual.  Why would you introduce something in iTunes 10 that people like just to get rid of it in the next version?


    Please Apple, just put back this feature in the next iTunes update.

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    Please leave feedback with Apple about this issue:



    It's still the number one missing feature in iTunes 11.

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    I agree...why does everything have to be made so difficult.  It's not like this stuff is rocket science, why try to make it such? 


    It's called overcomplication.  Leave things be.

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    Who is making these design desicions? Based on 10 Albums - it may be right but we all have hundreds and if the redesign desices to remove the album cover and separator from the list view is the worst change designer could do for heavy users. Instead we now have many fancy stuff i dont care. Even the cover flow i´ve never used this view but i can understand why other are shocked – my father!


    So, how long we have to wait? Have to look a the App Store for another player? Maybe some Player with integrated Lyrics which would be the second wish for the iTunes Update – but first please list view with cover.

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    One other reason the album list view with cover was useful:  when you are importing music and working in the song view (only real option now) you have no idea if the album artwork is present without leaving the song view to check. It is frustrating to have to continue moving back and forth between views to see everything.

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    Good point. It Album List view was by far the most useful and elegant feature in previous versions of iTunes.


    To make sure everything I've added has artwork I created a smart playlist. It's just one rule and I check it occasionally or after adding a big batch of albums:

    (Album Artwork) (is false)


    It's still not as good of a workflow as Album List view was but it helps make up for the deficiency.

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    Still missing the Album List View in 11.0.2.


    Let Apple know you're still missing this feature:


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    It's there.


    Artists->All Artists.


    I am perturbed by having to relearn everything every time a new version of the software comes out, though, but I'm getting used to iTunes 11 now.

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    'Artists->All Artists' view is not a replacement for album list view at all in my opinion.


    The album list view "combined the easy sortability and column drag-ability of List view with album art" (according to Apple). I use playlists and I want to see the album art next to those lists. Album list view was practical, space efficient and pretty. This other view is not.

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    I agree with Xagem0,


    I only ever needed one view before (Album View), it covered all my needs perfectly.  Now with all of these other views, none by themselves is adequate, the closest is Genre View, but while this view is better than nothing, I miss the old Album View, it simply worked for everything, and it worked simply.