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I have a MacBook Pro Vs.10.6.8, which came with iMovie '09. I just bought a new Panasonic HD Camcorder 1080 it puts files in .MTS format.


My iMovie does not support the files. It can't even pick them up. Do I need to upgrade to IMovie '11 to be able to edit my HD camcorder files (.MTS)? If so, that's a problem, becuase I got an error that said I can't upgrade because my Mac is too old (which it's only two years old). Or, should I just get another camera?


Are there any cameras support on iMovie HD? Please help!



iMovie '11, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    LUVOX, thanks for the link, but I already read that discussion and tried it... didn't work.


    I'm pretty sore about it not working, I'm wondering if it won't ever work if I'll either need a new Mac and iMove '11 or I should return the HD Panasonic Camcorder I just bought last week.

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    I should return the HD Panasonic Camcorder I just bought last week.

    Might be a plan. Matroska files are a pain.


    iMovie 11 - cameras supported:




    iMovie 9 - cameras supported:




    iMovie 8 Camcorders supported:




    Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Lion:




    Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Snow Leopard:



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    I agree with Klaus1, new camera would probably be better. I have seen issues importing .mts files in the latest version of imovie as well. Most often the only way to import them is using a 3rd party converter, but the process of doing so is a bit bothersome. Good luck to you

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    Thank you. I just packaged up the Panasonic and printed off a return lable. I'm returning it. Glad I figured this out before I waiting to long and I couldn't return it. It is such a pain. I'm going to make sure my next camera is on the iMovie '09 approved list. Thanks,


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    If it is a new Panasonic, it should work with iMovie 09 with no conversion necessary as long as you hook it up directly via USB or with a card reader.


    The only gotcha wiith new cameras is that they sometimes shoot 60P and iMovie only accepts 30P or 60i. If you set your camera comtrols to that it should work.

    You should never remove mts files from the camera with out making a copy of the entire folder structure of the camera.


    Once you remove the mts files out of comtext, you have to buy a third party converter, which will cost 2 1/2 times what iMovie 11 costs.


    For me to say categorically that your current Panasonic will work, I would have to know the model number. But this would be the first Panasonic in 5 years that did not work.

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    I was on the phone with the Panasonic tec guys and the model HD that I had is not compatable in HD with iMovie '09. I got Panasonic HCV700 Full HD.


    Panasonic told me I had to use a lower resolution setting, iFlash which is recording in regular image instead of HD for it to load on iMovie. What a bummer because I paid extra to have a video camera with HD.


    I decided to send my camcorder back since it had only been a few days. I just ordered one from the approved camcorder list on Apple's site. Hopefully, this one will work. I got a Canon this time.

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    Definitely go with the advice of the Panasonic Tech guys. Looking online, this camera shoots 3D and also shoots 60P, neither of which iMovie can handle. I don't think Final Cut Pro can handle 3D either.