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I am all of sudden encountering a huge problem with my Motion project towards the tail end of all my work. My project is 12 minutes long and consists mainly of still images and some short video clips. Also has several music clips. I have gotten all of the audio (music) perfectly timed with my project. It plays perfectly during playback in Motion, and I even sent to Compressor a few days ago and burned a DVD in DVDSP, and the audio was perfectly synced. All of a sudden today, that is no longer the case. When I exported to Compressor (using the same settings I always use (AC3 dolby digital for the audio and m2v for the video) and pulled it into DVDSP, all of the audio is now totally out of whack. And it's not just that it's a few seconds off or something easy like that. It is actually playing music and audio from my video clips that I trimmed out in Motion, or even that I keyframed the audio levels to mute (-96). Again, the project worked perfectly the other day, and I've done projects like this before that worked perfectly. I didn't do anything since my last DVD burn to this file other than the usual edits to my still images. In fact, I haven't even touched the audio. I am really freaking out because the project needs to be delivered to the client on Sunday! I tried restarting my computer, but that didn't do anything. I did a quick "share" of a short portion to Quicktime, and it's still all messed up. Can anyone help or wave a magic wand????

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.66 GHz Intel Core Duo, 8 GB RAM
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    Download the free app "Preference Manager" from Digital Rebellion dot com and use it to trash your Motion 5 prefs.

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    Didn't work, but thanks for the idea - I was really hoping that would do it!

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    Have you recently changed any system settings for audio, like sound input/output devices, midi settings?

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    The only thing I did having to do with sound input/midi settings was when I attached a microphone to my computer to record a voiceover in Garageband. I then used that voiceover file (after converting/sharing to iTunes) in this Motion project. However, I did that before I encountered this problem. I was able to export an audio file out of Motion that included that voiceover file, so I know everything was still fine after changing any settings for the microphone. I was very, very lucky because I was able to utilize that last audio export to finish my project. I made a bunch of changes to the images/clips (about 4 days worth), but thankfully I hadn't made any changes to the audio. Of course, there would have been some tweaks I would have liked to have been able to make to the audio, but it was fine as is. My issue going forward is that I want to do more of these projects for clients, but I would hate to run into this problem again. It just boggles my mind why it was working perfectly fine, and then it just stopped. And I learned my lesson a few years ago not to make any system or program updates while I'm working on a project. So, I hadn't made any updates to Motion or OS X. Now that the project is done, I did update my operating system (that was before I tried trashing the Motion pref file).