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    Hi Jason. Regarding "last played", I haven't fooled around with it much, but I went into "view options" under the "view" menu and checked "Last Played" under "sort by". Give it a try and let me know if this works for your purpose.


    Cheers, Jim

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    Thanks, but not what I'm talking about.   See screenshots below:




    in iTunes 10, you used to have the ability to move the Artist and Album browser in a column on the left.  Like below image.




    In iTunes 11 the Artist and Album browser is stuck up top on a split horizontal screen.   Fine on a huge iMac, but a waste of space and not very practical on a small widescreen MacBook Air.



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    You can do this, if that helps.


    iTunes 11 2012-11-30 at 11.34.19 AM.png

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    That might be fine for someone with a small music library but some of my artists have between 20 and 60 albums (including singles) and this view is just not practical for quickly seeing them all. 

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    I don't have a lot of artists with multiple albums, but here's one. You can change the icon size in view options. It's easy and fast to scroll down.


    iTunes 11 *.png

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    I appreciate that, but again, that's only 5 albums..    Take for example the artist Depeche Mode in my library . which has 66 albums....  It's just ridiculous having to scroll all those albums in a view like the new one in iTunes 11.   This view in iTunes 10 was much more intuitive and practical. 



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    I'm having similar problems, I just dowlaoded this morning and now I can't import new music from my itunes music folder, even when I manually select the 'file' tab and try to import that way, nothing happens

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    This itunes 11 pretty much *****. The last thing I wanted to do was dick around with my computer today when all I wanted to do was try to get the AC/DC album artwork for all the CD's I have downloaded, which I can't do. This version will make managing my huge library extremely difficult.

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    After about a day I decided I flat couldn't take iTunes 11.  I have a huge library myself (artwork and all), and the new iTunes is absolutely *hideous*, IMO.  Especially what they've done to the Mini Player - the invoke buttons even violate Apple's own interface standards for cryin' out loud - a button in the upper right corner vice using the "stoplights"?  Which dissapear?  Come on...


    I like to keep the Mini Player and it's "radio window" up in all of my Spaces - now it's totally useless to me.  The only useful way I could find to use iTunes 11 was to keep it open full screen in a Space of it's own...and that was a waste of workflow for me.  So I spent two days researching what everyone has been doing to revert and to get my two infested machines back to iTunes 10.7.  I've collected what I did into another thread just to one-stop what I learned...thanks to all the folks that lead me along the trail back to iTunes 10.7.  And sanity!

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    After working on this problem for three hours, I managed to get iTunes 10.7 installed


    By combining suggestions from all over, the place (thanks everyone!,) this combination worked for me




    Uninstalling and Reinstalling ITunes


    iTunes Store


    12/3/12 7:23 AM




    Step 1:


    ·       Launch iTunes. 


    ·       Click “File” and select “Export Library” to save your iTunes library if necessary. 


    ·       Quit iTunes when you have finished exporting the library.


    Step 2:


    ·       Click “Finder” and select “Applications” from the left sidebar. 


    ·       Drag and drop the “iTunes” icon from the “Applications” folder to the “Trash” icon in your dock or on your desktop.


    Step 3:


    ·       Click “Go” in the “Finder” menu and select “Utilities.” 


    ·       Double-click “Activity Monitor,” select “iTunes Helper” and then click “Quit Process.”


    Step 4:


    ·       Click the “Apple” menu and select “System Preferences.” 


    ·       Click “Accounts” and then click the “Login Items” tab.


    ·       Click the “iTunes Helper” entry and then click the subtraction sign to remove it from the auto-start list.


    Step 5:


    ·       Restart your computer. 


    ·       After your Mac has restarted, right-click the “Trash” icon in your dock or on your desktop and select “Empty Trash.”


    Step 6:


    ·       Click “Finder,” select “Go” and then “Go to Folder.” 


    ·       Enter “~/Library/” in the text box and press “Enter.” 


    ·       Drag and drop the “iTunes” folder to the “Trash” icon.


    Step 7:


    ·       Double-click the “Preferences” folder and delete all files beginning with “” by dragging and dropping those files to the Trash.


    Step 8:


    ·       Double-click the “ByHost” folder and delete all files beginning with “” by dragging and dropping those files to the Trash.


    Step 9:


    ·       Right-click “Trash” and select “Empty Trash.”


    Step 10:


    I got v.10.7 from another place (


    Step 11:


    ·       Download the version of iTunes you want to install on your Mac.


    Step 12:


    ·       Open your “Downloads” folder and double-click the iTunes installation file to install an old version of iTunes.


    Step 13:


    ·       Launch iTunes after installation is complete. 


    ·       Click “File” and select “Import.” 


    ·       Select the iTunes library file you exported previously to restore your iTunes library.




    If this happens...


    An unknown error occurred (–42408)




    Remove the SC Info folder


    If you are still unable to authorize your computer to play your purchases, you may be able to resolve your issue by removing the "SC Info" folder.  To do so, follow these steps:


    Mac OS X


    1.     Quit iTunes and any other open applications until only Finder is open.


    2.     Choose Go > Go to Folder.


    3.     Type /Users/Shared/SC Info and click Go.


    4.     If Finder is not already set to column view, set it by choosing View > as Columns.


    5.     Select the SC Info folder and move it to the Trash by choosing File > Move to Trash.


    6.     Restart the computer and open iTunes.


    7.     Authorize your computer to play your purchases.


    Note: If you have multiple accounts you will need to authorize your computer for each account.




    Then if this happens...


    “The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created with a newer version of iTunes”




    Close iTunes


    Go to your iTunes folder –– it's either under:


    ·       My Documents\My Music\iTunes\


    ·       \Users\username\Music\iTunes\


    (Make sure that it's right one by looking at the Time & Date of the FIle (should be the same, as the last time you closed iTunes)


    Drag the iTunes Library file from the above location to the Desktop.


    Open the Previous iTunes Libraries folder in the iTunes folder.


    Locate the file named iTunes Library YYYY-MM-DD where YYYY-MM-DD is the date you upgraded iTunes (Year-Month-Day).


    Drag this file to the iTunes folder (the enclosing folder).


    Rename this file to iTunes Library.


    Open iTunes.




    Using “import library” in iTunes, I then reinstalled my library from the day before I put in the new iTunes.


    (In my case, I used Time Machine)


    However, all of my playlists were wiped out


    Smarter folks than me can fill in the details, but this worked for me after all else failed.






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    Jason for your iPhone, hopefully you have set up icloud, if so you can always get your contact from there. All your purchases apps should be still valid through your iTunes account.

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    Thank you everyone for the advice, especially regarding my iPhone problem in addition to iTunes 11.  Well, I was able to restore my iPhone without losing text messages or anything back to how it was and despite multiple installs and go backs between iTunes 11 and 10.7, I got iTunes 11 to show all my playlists and be bug free.  Since for some reason there was no .itl file newer than two months old, and somehow my iTunes folder was not included in Time Machine backups, well, I have just decided to go Dr. Strangelove and "...learned to stop worrying and love the bomb (iTunes 11)."  So I am giving up on going back to iTunes 10.7.  Part of me figures updating will be necessary eventually to get full iOS functionality, etc, etc, so might as well get used to it now. 


    However, this is yet another software disappointment in a long line of them for me from Apple starting several years back.  Apple hardware has been great and seems to keep getting better, but to me personally, each version of OS X, many Apple OS X apps (Aperture) in their current versions I just do not want to upgrade too.  Anyway, no need to go on about how Expose was perfect and got ruined, how Spotlight in its original Tiger form was actually usable and not just an unsorted mess now, etc, etc. 


    Thanks again to everyone for their community efforts.  I have definitely, definitely learned my lesson at last to not just blindly upgrade anything anymore. 

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    I also "upgraded" my perfectly good version to iTunes 11 and am extremely disappointed.  I just assumed in Apple's wisdom that the new version would be better - it's not.  The album artwork management is far worse than it was before and the entire thing much less intuitive.  Recently it seems that Apple is falling for the Microsoft strategy of: "If it ain't broke - screw with it anyway."


    I might be able to work with version 11 if it simply had the artwork "drag and drop" window like 10.7 had, but that appears to be gone for good.  I hope Apple is listening and will very quickly come out with v. 11.1 to remedy this serious problem as I've read numerous complaints all over the web about it. 


    I will definitely need to revert to the easier and more functional 10.7 version but don't want to risk losing my library of over 12,000 songs.  Based on some of the excellent step-by-step instructions here, it looks like I need to back everything up. 


    Way to go Apple... 

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    I saw this on another forum. It worked for me!! I did it slightly differently, I used time Machine to restore the Preferences and Library files. But give this a try!!


    After hours... this finally worked out! BUT, perform at your own risk, I was told it could possibly do some harm...

    EXACTLY what I did:

    1, uninstall itunes 11 using AppZapper

    2, download 10.7 from this link <This is a Direct Download Link> download pacifist as well:

    3, open the 10.7 dmg file, you will see the pkg file(usally double click to install), but this time drag it out somewhere.

    4, launch pacifist

    5, drag the pkg file to pacifist and the click install from the menu bar

    6, during installation, click replace everytime a window popping out (this is the key i reckon, something that can't be removed during uninstallation will be replaced by 10.7 completely thanks to pacifist)

    7, installation finished, iTunes 10.7 comes back!


    many people are using this process to downgrade without knowing that the iTunes library also needs to be recovered, so I am adding this too thanks to jasko at post #22

    basically you need to recover your latest iTunes library which was created by iTunes 10, by using previous iTunes libraries or from time machine.



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