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    The biggest problem with iTunes 11, the usability problem the most glaring I feel by far, and the one I have heard no one else mention still, is that iTunes 11 does not remember the last album/song/artist you were looking at.  By that I mean, click on Foster the People album.  Drag a song into a playlist.  Go to that playlist to position it where you want.  Click back on Music.  In every other iTunes version ever, and on the Music app on your iPhone, it would take you right back to Foster the People.  BUT, in iTunes 11 you are shown the top of your music collection (for me AC/DC).  So if I wanted to add another song to that playlist I have to scroll or search again for Foster the People.  To me, way more than anything else, makes iTunes 11 absolutely horrible to use. 


    iTunes DJ being gone ***** a lot, Cover Flow gone, ***** a lot, but having to every single time do a search or scroll through hundreds of artists, thousands of songs every time I leave the Music view is preposterous and intolerable. 


    Can anyone else please confirm this happens for them and that it drives them totally insane too?


    Thanks, Jason

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    hi guys


    please DON'T forget to pass on your comments about iTunes11 to Apple themselves here :



    that's the only way we might get back the features that matter to us, iTunes users



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    Since I couldnt do a Windows system restore,(Entrys didnt go back before the disaster of Update 11). I was blessed and had an External Backup that fit the bill nicely. I ended up Uninstalling iTunes Update 11 and moved ALL of my itunes apps ,pictures and music files into another new renamed file, just in case of mishaps, and so iTunes couldnt find their Update11 files and try to reinstall them without my permission !!!.Then I deleted all backups in iCloud and erased my iPads data and settings clean.Next I restored my C: drive from the External Drive. After restoring the C: drive iTunes 10.7 was there on my computer again with all my music,photos, Apps etc. that had been there at the time of the original external back up.Then I reinstalled iTunes 10.7 from my computer back onto my iPad and started downloading my "Uncorrupted by iTunes 11 stuff " into service again.The only real negative was having to reinstall my Apps from the App Store that post dated my external drive backup. BUT, I AM BACK ! ! !

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    Thanks all for posting here how to revert the Itunes install. I was dumb enough to let my laptop install 11 as I didn't really think they would change it a whole lot (makes you realise to check stuff first next time!).


    Now I find that coverflow is missing! I cannot see the cover of a song if I click on it in my main library!?!?! ***

    Cannot easily jump to the song that is playing (probably a new way to tdo this) and the list goes on and on.


    Horrible change. Will wait for the weekend to revert my laptop. For sure my PC will not be changed!

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