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My wife and I share an iMac at home.


I have an iPad at work.


My wife and I each have iPhones.


Sometimes I want to use my iPad to facetime with my wife on our iMac and other times I want to facetime with her on her iPhone but I can't seem to use my iPad to contact her in the iMac, it always starts facetime on her iPhone.


Not sure how to configure an email address to connect to an iMac, is that possible?


Is there guide to assist me in setting up email addresses and phone numbers to connect to desired devices using facetime?


Regards,  Jim P.

iPhone 4S
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    James, absolutely -- On your imac,  click the Facetime icon, then go to Facetime preferences. You should see a line stating: "You can be reached for calls at:"  Simply click on the e-mail button and add the e-mail address you wish to assign to the iMac, then use this mail address as the Mac's calling ID.  Note: This e-mail address must be one which is specific ONLY to the iMac, it can't be one which was assigned to any of your other devices, such as the ipad.  When you want to call her iphone, continue using the phone number of that device.

    BTW,  I'm using Snow Leopard 10.6.8. here, and my address book contact info was automatically imported to my Facetime Contacts list.  So it was a simple matter of adding a Contact to my Favorites list on the Facetime menu.  Using your OS is probably similar.

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    So I understand, each iPad needs to have a single email address and each iMac need to have a different and single email address per user?

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    Yes, each i pad and the imac should have their own individual, unique e-mail address as its calling id.  An iphone can use its actual telephone number for a Facetime calling id, even though communication will take place over the internet via wifi. 

    Think of it this way. If each device had the same e-mail address assigned to it, and you wanted to call your iMac from your iPad, it would be like picking up your telephone and dialing your own number -- you'd get a busy signal.

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    Thanks. Much clearer now!

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    I remember, when I first went through the Facetime App setup, I told my wife that the nerds at Apple are great at creating inovative hardware and applications, but not too good at telling us how to use them.  I did find the process to be rather ambiguous.  After a while it does all make sense, but perhaps it would have been easier if I had a glass of wine before starting.

    Good luck, and thank you for your comments.

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    Hey wuzradioman,


    One last question.


    Do these unique email addresses need to be Mac dis or can they be "any old email address"?


    Since we have several devices, I want to make sure that I have enough email addresses to go around.



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    They don't need to be an Apple/Mac id e-mail Address.  What I've been advising folks to do, is to go to one of the popular providers, such as Yahoo, and generate enough e-mails to cover their needs.  It's free, and you can be sure that it's a unique address so you don't wind up talking to somebody you don't want to know.  If you mean "any old e-mail address" that you make up, such as James@hotstuff, my impression is that won't work.

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    Hello again - wuzradioman....


    I'm still getting some strange results.  Excuse the long winded explanation..


    I've established 5 email addresses to be used for each device that I want to facetime with and have added each of these emails to my Contacts and I have confirmed all of them, however on my iPhone there are several email addresses that indicate "Verifying".


    ipad@somedomain_dot_com (Contact name Ipad)

    imac_kitchen@somedomain_dot_com (Contact name IMac21)

    imac_office@somedomain_dot_com (Contact name IMac27)

    mbp1@somedomain_dot_com (Contact name MBP1)

    mbp2@somedomain_dot_com (Contact name MBP2)


    I set up Factime on my mbp1 last night and appeared to work just fine, but this morning I started it up again and saw all of my email addresses were checked on to be used for Facetime.


    A little confused......