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Hello, I will appreciate your help. I making the DVD, that should play on the TV. I sent a project from FCP7 to Compressor 3.5.3. , compressed and Opened project  in DVD Studio Pro 4.2.2 Problem, that when I Burn to DVD, it plays on the computer, but do  not play on the TV. How can I fix it? Thank you for your help.     

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    In Compressor, lease post scren shots of your batch window, the Inspector>summary pane, Encoder>video>qaulity.



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    Dollars to donuts you burned an HD-DVD. This was a competing format to Blu-Ray and is now obsolete. Only Toshiba really bought into it along with Apple - but Toshiba discontinued their production of players years ago.Who knows why Apple kept the process in DVDSP but there it is.


    You can verify you have a HD-DVD project by looking in the project build folder and you should see something with HD as a prefix on the file title.


    If you did create an HD-DVD, you have no option but to start over to build a DVD (not HD-DVD) project with DVDStudioPro.


    Good luck,



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    Hello, Thank you Russ for your sudgestions.Compressor Inspector>Summery>Encoder>Video>Quality.pngCOMPRESSOR settings.pngCOmpressor Summery.png

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    Thank you Russ and Studio X for your advice. I included some images of the Compressor settings. What I understand now, that I have problem with format. Originally, I recorded 4min. 30 sec. video on the HD camera. My camera settings was 1920 1080 60i HQ. Then I moved the video to the FCP7 with the same settings. When I exported the video for Quick Time Conversion, I didn't change the settins and just pressed the OK button. The same I did in the Compressor. But it came out in the Compressor as 720 480. What would you advise about Format settings? Thank you.

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    Your Compressor settings are correct for a DVD encode. You then import both the m2v and AC3 files into DVD STudio Pro. (in the future, don't use QT Conversion from FCP, which just introduces an unecessary round of compression into your workflow Instead, export QT Movie, current settings.)


    I think Studio X has solved your problem, which doesn't lie in your Compressor project, but rather in your DVD Studio project settings. Launch DVDSP. In the menu tool bar, go to DVD STudio Pro>Preferences>Project>DVD STandard and then make sure SD DVD is selected. (Don't select HD DVD.) Then make a new project and DVDSP will make a DVD compliant disk for you.


    Give Studio X credit for solving your questiion.


    Good luck.



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    Thank you so much for your help Russ H and Studio X. I was able to burn a DVD and it played on the TV. I also  thankful so much to my friend Beryl. She helped me as well to fix to errors, before, I was able to make a DVD. When I fixed all formatting and press the Burn DVD button, an error appeared. She explained me how to fix it.

    To find where it is located, go to DVD Studio Pro > Preferences and click on the Destinations Tab.  on the Show drop down menu, select  Build/Format and you will see where the folder is under Location. Delete the file and then try burning the DVD using the  Burn option.

    It worked for me.

    When I pressedBurn DVD button again, new message LOG.pngError.png with Log problem. Beryl advised: Try clicking on the Build button first and when that has finished, click on the Burn button and see if that works. Finally, I was able to burn my DVD.

    Beryl's site is: www.berylseckington.com

    Thank you again to everyone, who helped me.

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    X, I owe you.