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Notes are being stored as messages in Outlook -- can this be fixed so they stay as notes rather than being converted to HTML message items stored in the Outlook Notes folder?


I've got an iPad that syncs its notes up to the IMAP Notes folder on Exchange server (Outlook) as HTML messages and an Android "phablet" that syncs Notes between the device and Exchange server as true Exchange/Outlook Notes items.  Due to the conversion of these iPad notes to Exchange/Outlook formatted-as-HTML-messages-notes they are not detected as real Outlook Notes and don't get synched to my Android.  So the Android synchs notes fine back and forth to Exchange/Outlook and they resulting Notes are Note-type items in Exchange.


The problem is that the iPad is converting these notes to message-type items and thus making notes unsynchable between the Android and the iPad.


Any ideas how to make the IMAP-based synching of notes back to Exchange not corrupt the note format would be appreciated.


thx, t.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1, Exchange Server 2003