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  • crashanywhere Level 1 Level 1

    I continue parsing this thing called iTunes 11, and it does not grow on me. Technically, it isn't awful. It is simply less lovable than previous versions. The stink of it is the intrusive intuition that this downgrade is final evidence that Apple has come to be dominated by arrogance and stupidity. Plop. Twaddle. I have no hope of ever seeing things resolved. Nihilism is the new immortality.

  • Bernard Knight Level 2 Level 2

    How do you "parse" iTunes 11 or any iTunes for that matter?


    Apart from that, I agree with you. You can read my initial dismay further down on this post (but that would be silly) and I now think there have been some improvements visually, but for me, after using it for a month, there are two things for me that are just plain wrong;


    1) No ability to have more than one wondow open. I find this cricial for making my database consistent. Ther is no logical reason for withdrawing this ability unless you want to dumb things down to iPhone/iPod  levels.


    2) The fact that if, say, you have an album selected in the "Albums" view and you go to another view, "Songs" or "Artists" say, you don't get to the same spot, you go to the top of the list. This is the same behaviour iPods used to have and the reason why, when my last one died (much before it's time - but that's another story) I never replaced it because it ws so user "unfriendly".


    In short: All Apple users have have the iOS experience even if you have actually bought a real computer.

  • Mark Block Level 2 Level 2

    Bernard Knight wrote:



    2) The fact that if, say, you have an album selected in the "Albums" view and you go to another view, "Songs" or "Artists" say, you don't get to the same spot, you go to the top of the list.

    That's not the case. When you say "you have selected an album" in Albums View, do you mean you click on the album once so the Expanded View pops up? When I do that, then switch to Songs or Artists, iTunes stays in the right place. I just tried it over and over. Works perfectly.


    I agree on the multiple windows thing, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

  • MacPow75 Level 1 Level 1

    I got a little overly strident in a previous post and was called to task over it. Rightly so.


    As an aside.... I, for one, LOVE Mountain Lion... Mission Control, all that... launch pad not so much, but I can just use finder and go to applications... But frequently, even after 4 years on my early 2008 MBP that I have upgraded the memory and HDD (750g) on... I still sit back and just can't believe what an awesome, intuitive set up it is... with the track pad, finger swipes, multiple desktops so elegantly navigated... all that... it's wonderful!


    iTunes 10, didn't like as much as the last upgrade of 9, but I learned to live with it... and I still enjoy working in it... I kept iTunes 9 on my old iMac G4 with Snow Leopard... I loved the scalable artwork in columns view... But I do almost ALL of my sorting, renaming, playlisting, etc. in Cover Flow... And as I mentioned previously, I have meticulously tended my artwork and have about 300 g of music... When I saw what Apple had done to iTunes when my son upgraded our 2009 iMac... I was heavily dismayed.


    I don't know where Apple's head is at... I guess it is in their iPhones, iPads, iPods... OK, fine... but please, please... don't dumb down and strip away the features that make me such an enthusiastic Apple user...


    I'm done now posting in this thread.



  • Michael Campbell2 Level 1 Level 1

    What the **** is apple thinking with this version of itunes?  It is god awful.  Nothing "just works" anymore.  Isn't that what apple is known for?  What a piece of crap.  How do we go back to the other version?



  • karismithx Level 1 Level 1

    I was wondering if you've found a work around for the artist tab? I'm annoyed that when I click on artist on my ipad or itunes it doesn't show all my artists. It doesn't show artists that are part of soundtracks because those are listed under "various artist" in the album artist section...however the actual artist is listed under "artist" on Get Info. I want to be able to go to the artist tab and click let's say U2 and I want to see every album they are a part of wether it be their album or a soundtrack. I also want to see artists that are only in my library as part of a soundtrack. I've spent way too long today trying to figure it out so I give up. I'm hoping someone else has an answer. I have an old classic ipod I only use in my car and that still works like I want which is all artists showing up under artists.

    Ok thanks

  • Mark Block Level 2 Level 2

    Isn't this Support Community specifically about iTunes 11? I don't think the iOS Music app has anything to do with the thread. (But I agree that the Music app is weak.)

    karismithx wrote:


    I was wondering if you've found a work around for the artist tab? I'm annoyed that when I click on artist on my ipad or itunes it doesn't show all my artists.

  • pegaudet Level 1 Level 1

    More a thought on their "remote control" app for their IOS, but I just realized it seems perhaps to be the direction apple is taking and itunes is borrowing from it, (would make sense if apple is trying to make all their apps behave the same, and it would seem poorly at that).


    The remote app (and I think itunes 11 has followed suit by not having that feature any more) doesn't provide a "home in" on what's currently playing or provide a control to do that.


    I do the following a lot and need to see if/how I could do it in 11...


    So I have several similar but not quite the same smart play lists, and I start playing one of them..... Now I decide to view something specific like albums from an artist.... And I want to go back to the playlist that is currently playing but I can't quite remember which one.... Luckily I still have 10.7 and remote desktop to help me figure it out.


    For me, itunes 11 is like a car that is just uncomfortable enough to drive, you don't want to buy it or even get in  it...

  • Bernard Knight Level 2 Level 2

    Hi karismithx


    Everything I say below works for me, but I'm not sure it is necessarily the best answer.


    If you have selected to "Group Compilations":


    Compilations (i.e. where there are more than one artist on the same album) now need to have the "Album Artist" set to blank as well as obviously having the compilation box checked as "Yes' for each album. Previously you seemed to have to set the "Album Artist" to "Various Artists" ( I may have done that spuriously, I don't know).


    This will, as before, show those tracks for those artists on those compilations under the artist themselves if they already have something listed in your playlist that is not a compilation.


    If you NOT have selected to "Group Compilations":


    All tracks by the artist should show up under their name, but you will not be able to get the album as a whole to show up under "Albums".



    I am still not convinced of all of this, but for the moment, I'm using the former option & it works for me.

  • Bernard Knight Level 2 Level 2

    Hi Mark


    It does work for me in some instances but not in all. I haven't had the time yet (or inclination} to test where it doesn't. But my gut feeling is that it is flaky and not across the board of "views".





  • robbtrack Level 1 Level 1

    I dont even know where to begin with the faults of this terrible upgrade.  I HATE IT!!! Apple, your pushing away your customers.  This is not what we signed up for.  Fire the failure who designed this. 

  • harry172 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple seems to have fogotten it's core cutomers who just want to buy music and be left alone.


    This new version of Itunes has some major control issues.

    It seems to want me to use it the way Apple 'thinks' I should use it.

    It's not fun or easy anymore.


    And by the way....

    I don't want "Genius"

    I don't want to "share with my friends"

    I just want to download music.



    Why they took something that worked so well and changed it is baffling.

  • pegaudet Level 1 Level 1

    Umm.... How is one supposed to use THIS???? on a 1024x768 screen, edit a play list is horribly messed up.  Why does this remind me of one of those professional reno shows where the more they look, the more they find that was botched by the last guy?


    I can say I'm not too fond of the way playlists are handled in the new version.




  • Ajoite Level 1 Level 1

    I deplore it – In an effort to make it clever they have made managing my music a major pain.  Simple searching and managing your music as a library (just like you manage your computer files) is gone.  Now we have a clever little sidebar with thumbnail pictures of albums forcing you to manage each song individually. They seem quite self-satisfied with how you now play music via iTunes as this seems to be what they like to brag about.  Who ever had any qualms or difficulties playing music in the old iTunes?


    I need iTunes for one thing; to quickly manage my playlists and songs that will be played on my various Apple products.  Now they seem to think iTunes has to be a crafty “destination experience” where you can casually wander around the system enjoying multiple perspectives of the same music but with fixed views and constrained search parameters.


    I hate it and resent Apple for moving away from intuitive natural and ergonomic design to misplaced cleverness and awkward flamboyance; it’s embarrassing , like watching dad dancing.

  • YogaMomma Level 1 Level 1

    Very sad that they have not only gotten rid of the genius store sidebar (a direct link to the store with songs similar in style to the ones you were listening to - simple click and purchase option and now we gotta go hunt,) but also the ability to publish and share your playlist. I teach a fitness class and my students LOVE my ecclectic mixes so I used to publish them. Many of my students went out and purchased music legitimately through iTunes using this feature. How can I share playlists with them - now the only option is through an archaic txt doc. Without the easy access to the genius store, I also am less likely to purchase music - why make it so hard??? I am really disappointed with the new version of iTunes. I dare say it *****. I've been using iTunes since the beginning but time to start exploring other options. yeah, I could attempt to go back to a different version but eventually I'd have to upgrade. Boo on you Apple.

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