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  • Bucketboy Level 1 (0 points)

    Hate it!! Totally incompatible with way I have used what was a great product. Not happy at the upcoming effort to reinstall 10.7!

  • Ashka Level 4 (3,780 points)

    As the new playlist is in the side bar why not just drag the music from the music, or from which ever list you prefer, to it.


    For the user who wants bigger album art,  click the the album art the at the top of the iTunes window then drag it to the size you want on your desktop.


    Yes cover flow has gone. and so has the dark album background option but quite honestly after using the new version for a couple of days I much prefer it.

    The new mini player is different but still works fine and has gained the added options for Airplay.


    Syncing & backing up the iPads iPod & iPhone.. No problems.


    Death, Change & Taxes... best to get used to it.

  • 2beanklm Level 1 (35 points)

    I want the albums displayed smaller when clcked on albums. any suggestion on that? If you do it the same way i have no idea what album art at the top of the window you are talking about???


    and say after i drag the song over to the playlist then want to go move it in the playlist then go back where i was in music which was one of the easiest features when making a playlist from several albums by the same artist. the features you mention were all there before all they did was remove other features as far as i can see. hard core music people making playlists to burn to cd aren't gonna like this downgrade.

  • Ashka Level 4 (3,780 points)

    Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 8.30.12 PM.png

    Top of the iTunes window while playing music from the album you want bigger.  Click the little album, drag the bottom right corner out to the size you want. ref OSX10.3 for those that don't like change.  Also available from the mini player.


    If you don't like album view use one of the others..


    How about saving time and adding the songs to the playlist in the order you want them in?  Or just sort them out when you have all the songs in the playlist.


    Have fun with it, life is far too short for the nonsense in this thread.

  • 2beanklm Level 1 (35 points)

    not bigger smaller all of them SMALLER in album view i have tried to drag on every little album i can find an none offer size adjusting when veiwing all of your albums at once in the album view. at least it doesn't in my macbook. i used to be able to see about 60 more albums at once than i can now. when you have 700 + itune albums this makes a hugh difference when scrolling through them.

  • Ashka Level 4 (3,780 points)

    Read " For the user who wants BIGGER album art."

    Good night.

  • Bucketboy Level 1 (0 points)
  • Natone Level 1 (0 points)



    To convert -.wav files to Apple Lossless, highlight the -.wav files and goto File>Create New Version>Create Apple Lossless Version.



  • Stephen Cox Level 1 (140 points)

    "Yes cover flow has gone. and so has the dark album background option but quite honestly after using the new version for a couple of days I much prefer it."


    I'm SO glad YOU like it. Really. I am.


    And of course, obviously everything YOU like I must like too? Right?

  • julie_anna Level 1 (0 points)

    After two days I have to say overall the iTunes 11 is a big disappointment, I am all for upgrades and tweaks but this is too much...What was wrong with the cover flow?  That is how I prefer to see my albums displayed, as others have said a more natural way to flip through as you would in an actual store.   What happened to iTunes DJ, sometimes I preferred to listen to music this way,  and why when say you are listening to a podcast and you then go to a different playlist and then return to podcasts you have to go looking for the podcast you are listening to, this didn't happen before, the podcast or song you were listening to would always be displayed.  The new search function does not seem to let you search for songs, albums or artists only.

    When scrolling through a list it freezes or jumps around...that never happened before and I have huge library of music.


    Well that is enough moaning for now unless I found more someone else said, Steve would not be happy.!

  • knighterrant01 Level 1 (0 points)

    Overall, I am disappointed with itunes 11 versus the previous version.  Furthermore, I am becoming increasing disappointed with my overall Apple experience.


    I am a relatively new convert to Apple.  Over the last few years I have made a full transition - macbook pro, iphone, ipad, etc.  I have typically been impressed with the engineering involved in Apple's hardware - well designed, attractive, easy to use, etc. (although I expected more from the iPhone 5).


    The continued system (or version) upgrades seem more frequent, and Apple seems to be less concerned with the end user.  The upgrades seem to be less user friendly compared to previous versions, and/or require more of a learning curve to navigate through the changes, and/or eliminate key features.  Most of the time, the elimination of features is not noted in the upgrade synopsis.  I would not have upgraded to itunes 11 if I knew that cover flow had been eliminated, and it took me some time to figure out how to restore the side bar.  Nor would I have made upgrades to other Apple systems if I fully understood the changes that were occurring with the upgrade (recently had to buy a new printer because an OS upgrade caused problems using my prior printer).


    Apple knows they have superior hardware (although other companies are catching up), and regarding existing users, Apple knows they have a captive audience (relatively speaking).  For example, it would be cost prohibitive for me to transition back to PC/Android based hardware anytime soon.  Apple knows that these upgrades have little impact on new consumers looking to purchase Apple products, and Apple knows that if they upset existing users, there is little risk of an exodus.  As a result, I believe Apple doesn't consider the impact to existing users when contemplating system upgrades.  This may impact Apple in the long run as user's hardware becomes obsolete.  I probably wont need to upgrade my hardware for a couple of more years, but when I do I will consider other options if Apple doesn't modify their overall strategy.


    I suppose I will have to research future upgrades before immediately downloading.  However, I have typically associated upgrading with improvement.  Recent experiences with Apple have proven to me that this is not the case.

  • lemoche Level 1 (0 points)

    is there any possibilty to get back the old shuffle view where the playlist is sorted the way it will play out... i use huge playlists and this jumping up and down really is a pain...

    also... is there any possibility to let itunes jump to the next track when you delete the playing track from the list?

    and... in those huge lists... it's a real pain to find the song actually playing after scrolling through the list cmd+L seems to only jump to list and not to the song playing


    generell: in my opinion it doesn't make sense to remove features unless there's a real problem with them... for example i never used cover flow, but it seemed to work for a lots of folks here, so why cut it down... it's not like where dealing with the limitied ressources of a mobile device...

    i understand the will to create an easy uncomplicated user experience... but why not leave the other options in... as options for those who want things a little more complicated... and powerfull... (that's also the reason why iOS doesn't work for me and android is my choice for cell phones)


    anyway it would be nice if someone could help me wirth my problem or at least tell me that there is no cure for me and i have to deal with it...

  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 (0 points)

    It's amazing that Apple has more than USD 100 billion in cash lying around, yet they give us cr@p like iTunes 11.


    The company really seems to be run by beancounters and bozos now who listen to Justin Bieber all day rather than by people who are passionate about music and the product.


    Apple folks, check out Sonata and realize that your offering stinks!


  • johnca66 Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh, Yes. Coverflow was the only reason I bought a Mac. Otherwise I could have stayed with my PC(s).

  • fenugreek Level 1 (0 points)

    Bring back Cover Flow. Lots of twiddly bits in Version 11 as if everyone spends yonks playing around with it. 99% time my iTunes is on Cover Flow providing an excellent graphic jukebox.

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