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  • wotevs Level 1 Level 1

    Apple iTunes 11 is a pathetic piece of crap, and a slap in the face for loyal users.

  • Biff Boff Level 1 Level 1

    I just wish Apple would document the album art they do support so it doesn't seem like a bug when you can't transfer album art to an iPhone.   I bought my iPhone years ago because I was sick and tired of dealing with music library software that was buggy.   iTunes was missing a lot of the features I liked, like support for FLAC files  but it worked and it was reliable.  Not any more!    I am actually going to start managing my music files on my iPhone with Media Monkey now.  At least it works. 

  • surogat70 Level 2 Level 2

    Now I use this version of iTunes two days and the more I use it, the more I hate it. I can see the general change in OS X to a full finger compatible operating system has just begun. All this changes seem to have iOS in mind and the control with hands and fingers. Therefore this huge square design as default. But there are still people out there they want to work with this machines not only consume things. If this is the future for all applications on OS X/iOS than I have to change again. This time to Linux, I just tried to avoid Windows 8.

  • PizzaCake Level 1 Level 1

    It's terrible. How I wish I'd checked these forums before updating Cover flow gone, column browser on side gone, sort by genre, artist, album in thumbnail view gone, artwork in list view gone, full metadata editing gone ... you get the picture. Now I've got to figure out how to revert to the previous version.

  • surogat70 Level 2 Level 2

    Meta data are still completely editable.

  • PizzaCake Level 1 Level 1

    Not at all, try changing media kind etc.

  • surogat70 Level 2 Level 2

    I can change the kind of media, no problem.

  • Gregory Shadley Level 1 Level 1

    After spending a couple of days with iTunes 11, my dissatisfaction has softened somewhat. I was getting a lot of spinning beach balls. Two things I finally figured out with the help of the discussion groups are disabling "show iTunes in iCloud purchases" in Preferences and changing the search from "Search entire library" to "search Music (or what ever library you are searching." This has almost completely stopped the spinning beach balls. Several things I still don't care for are Album View. I much prefer Song List (at least for how I work in iTunes). I wish this could be a default item. I dislike that when I eject a CD I was importing, the album view comes up. It's only one click but can't there be a way for each of us to set some type of default? One thing I wish could be added is a smart list that can generate a playlist filled with random complete albums. I figured out a way to sort of do one, but after I generate it, I have to go through the list and weed out imcomplete albums. But that is a personal issue. One thing I do like is the new font in Song List. It is bigger for those of us who need bigger print. I don't like the all gray color when highlighting items in a libraty or playlist.Maybe within a week I will like this better. Oh, another thing I'm not crazy about is the new look of the iTunes store. Too cluttered to me. The old store looked cleaner to me. I do share everyones frustration. It looks like Apple could use a better method of beta testing iTunes in the future. Or soliciting opinions of actual iTunes users before releasing iTunes 12. Just a few thoughts.

  • Laura Cameron Level 1 Level 1

    Dammit dammit dammit! Why is it whenever I have a big task in hand (in this case developing the soundtrack for our local Help-Portrait Christmas photo shoot), Apple takes it into their heads to mess with a perfectly sound interface or app'???


    Now I'm going to have to blow an hour I don't have, at 6:30 in the morning, to figure out how to find all my music and how to build/work with my playlists.


    If I'd had any sense, I'd've come out here to the forums first before agreeing to update the flinkin' software as I always do so trustingly...


    I am soooooo not impressed with this redesign: it's a total pain in the A to work with.

  • Laura Cameron Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to the recommendation of Command-Option-S to revert to old style layout. I don't know how you figured it out, but I'm glad you saved me doing the research to find it.

  • Bernard Knight Level 2 Level 2

    As far as I can tell, the Gapless Album feature has gone.This is really irritating for me as I have a lot of live stuff, Prog & Classical where the crossfade would just mess things up. I suppose I could set cross fade to 0, but that isn't the point. Why take out a perfectly decent little feature?

  • kyteroo Level 1 Level 1

    Browsing this thread tells me that the vast majority of users HATE VEHEMENTLY iTunes 11.


    From a "Other Ability-Disability" point of view:

    1) Never assume that colour processing disorders don't never to change background and text colour on PC, MAC and any device playing iTunes.


    2) Never assume that we HATE choosing 1 song to play in infinatum repeat (hours on end).


    3) Never assume that we HATE everything YOU took out of iTunes.


    4) Never assume that whatever you create, change or input WE are going to worship and adore. WE DON'T!

    Corollary: Never assume that the majority by 1% over the minority is going to be on your side. Currently the naysayers are almost a 98% majority telling you to knock it off and bring back the old and better iTunes!#


    5) Never assume that customization is for beeping whimps who don't know who their god is! I KNOW who my God is and he is NOT YOU! I have very real needs that YOU have ignored.

        a) I need to make Radio Playlist that are NOT ALPHABETIZED!

         b) I need to be able, in the PC version to change the Background colour AND the text colour to better MY processing needs.

        c) Some of us needs to CHANGE the FONT size to whatever size we need because of disabilities.

        d) Some of us needs to change the font to size 46, and have extreme colour contrast of bright yellow and black. I don't, but I did find someone who did.

        e) Skins Customization: You should know that I bought a PC because I HATE Macs assumption that YOUR customization is the ONLY customization I need for easy use. You LIE! You have NEVER known me and will never know me because your head is in the sand crying " no no no! you do not exist! I am god and I created you and I know what you need and you need my font sizes, my organization of your library and you need everything my way because I made you! Stop pretending to be Jesus and give us our customizations!


    We are the users of your piece of beep. We can go buy Winamp and SKIP your junk! We vote, We have money and We have spoken. Many of us are reverting back to the old and better iTunes, even if it means we lose other stuff (account validation for example).


    So, why do I not use Winamp? They do NOT allow radio playlists at all. That is the ONLY reason why I am still on iTunes, but because I do not use Linux anymore, I'm going to see about Songbird again. iTunes 11 is not even usable. However, I would have to be honest that iTunes 10 was barely useable. I'm the idiot who needs black background and bright blue or bright purple text. I process better what I'm reading and trying to find.


    .ps MY website is SO ridiculously colour processing accommodating that I even accomodate the fantasy fans! And, if someone gives me a background colour and text colour request, I make it for them. Why? Because unlike you I refuse to discriminate against anyone for any reason what so ever. The Americans with Disability Acts I take seriously! Its about time you and other  businesses did too! WE are not living in the Victorian age anymore. WE are NOT Hitler's Germany where people like me would be shot. WE are living in a democracy where people are accommodated for and vote! We have Voted! Down with iTunes 11!


    Thanks for you consideration in our plea.

  • woodmeister50 Level 5 Level 5
    Servers Enterprise

    knighterrant01 wrote:




    I suppose I will have to research future upgrades before immediately downloading.  However, I have typically associated upgrading with improvement.  Recent experiences with Apple have proven to me that this is not the case.

    Unfortunately this seems to becoming the norm as of late.

    One step forward to end up taking three steps backward.

    I have been a Mac user and Apple advocate since the days

    of the Mac Plus.  Over that time there seems to have been

    slow and steady improvement with occasional leaps forward.


    The past year or so, it seems that things are being changed for

    changes sake with no real improvement and in some cases

    downright degredation of the user experience.


    It seems that with Steve gone, there is no one at the wheel

    and things are not under control.

  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 Level 1

    @ kyteroo


    Great rant, thumbs up!

  • Fabini Level 1 Level 1

    I installed iTunes 11.

    I clicked on Songs.

    I selected a song to play.

    It played.

    I adjusted the volume.

    Life is good.

    And it's free software.

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