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  • BopCat Level 1 (10 points)

    Exactly, Mike.


    It is a substantial improvement.

  • Mac & Fromage Level 1 (5 points)

    BopCat wrote:


    Go back to the previous version. Then quit whining. Problem solved.


    If only that were true. But as several threads on downgrading show, it's not exactly a simple matter, nor does it result in a clean reversal to 10.7. The reason we're "whining" so ferociously is that we're pretty much forced into using an upgrade that not a small number of users aren't happy with.

  • CaffeineIV Level 2 (175 points)

    Here's the thing. Go to list view (songs). Try to search for an artist and select it. Do you get list view filtered to that artist? No, you get taken to artist view.


    Okay, let's try to roll with this: I want to select the artist's songs that have in their comment field "Messy's Reunion Remix" to put those two or three songs from that one artist in a new playlist. How do I do that? I can't see comments in artist view. Maybe I want to organize my artist view by "date added" to library because I haven't finished updating tags (only do that once a month). How can I do this? It's just not possible in artist view. But without artwork in the list view, it's difficult to find your way, and you have to Get Info to know you've got artwork on the file.


    The short of it is that one of these views should give me all info on a file. List view used to be able to do that. You'd just keep adding the columns you needed to the list. Now, you don't have the option to see all the info you may need on list view. But there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to have it...


    Then there are bugs. Why can't iTunes be minimized by double-click to the dock? All other apps (and my dock prefs demand that they) can do this. Why not iTunes 11? Why can't I see TV Show season 2, 3, etc. artwork in TV Show or list view, why only in Get Info?


    People have tried it out. It's simply no longer as easy to manage your library. Downgrading would be fine, except my iDevices have already synced with this iTunes when I was giving it a chance. Now, if I were to downgrade, they wouldn't sync. That's why we're "whining": we can't simply go back.

  • Michael Gaines Level 2 (170 points)

    BopCat wrote:


    Why you'd need to open a playlist in a new window is beyond me. Maybe they decided to omit totally useless redundant functions. Sorry about that.


    Here's a suggestion for all of you who don't like iTunes 11, despite that it's a clear improvement. Go back to the previous version. Then quit whining. Problem solved.


    Try being a little more open-minded.


    iTunes 10 had a design problem where you had to scroll one pane to where the playlist was, and then the second pane to where your music was that you wanted to drag into in. When you open the playlist in a separate window, you can drag the files to the playlist AND put them in the position you want. It's a one-step process, not two.


    And you can't downgrade easily.

  • Mr. Eeee Level 1 (5 points)

    BopCat wrote:


    Why you'd need to open a playlist in a new window is beyond me. Maybe they decided to omit totally useless redundant functions. Sorry about that.


    Here's a suggestion for all of you who don't like iTunes 11, despite that it's a clear improvement. Go back to the previous version. Then quit whining. Problem solved.


    Exactly WHAT is a clear improvement???


    And  going back to a previous version isn't just this easy little thing to do.


    Problem solved....yeah, right.

  • Porf Level 1 (0 points)

    For those telling others to stop whining I think it's uncalled for. Many people myself included have valid complaints. Sure the new update is simpler and ok looking but many of us have hot accustomed to the features that we lost. No cover flow, no way to enlarge the albums  plus so many other issues. There's nothing wrong with enjoying having more control of things.

  • BopCat Level 1 (10 points)

    I apologize for being condescending, but I honestly haven't had the same problems, and can't see how "Cover Flow" is "better" than what iTunes 11 has to offer. iTunes 11 has way more options, but if someone prefers an older version, ces't la vie.


    I don't know how any Apple developer could please someone who prefers what they, and I, obviously consider a significant improvement.

  • William Fiveash Level 1 (85 points)

    Why you feel the need to comment about the removal of a feature you don't use or understand is beyond me.  I used it just about every time I used itunes.  I think this is a real regression among several others in v11.

  • apatrides Level 1 (0 points)



    In a nutshell, what everybody else is saying.  Steve is looking in on this from the next world and he is VERY ******.


    I am a heavy iCloud user but not for music.  Have already hidden all iCloud content, from 'view' in the menu bar, but those new, annoying cloud icons will not stop the pinstripe animation.  Apple needs to let users show and hide all of the junk - sorry, features - they don't use.


    I have loved iTunes since OS9 and now it is a DRAG.  :-(

  • McGroarty Level 1 (50 points)

    I regret upgrading, and hope Apple walks some of these changes back.


    * I can no longer open multiple playlists at once, or open the store and a playlist at the same time. I used this a lot. It was useful when organizing playlists, and essential when looking at what tracks were added to iTunes album re-issues so I could purchase just the new tracks, not the ones I already got from my CD.


    * Search is painfully slow. On my 2.8GHz iMac, it beachballs for up to 15 seconds when I type the first character, and freezes for 2-3 seconds for each additional character I type. Search was instant in iTunes 10.


    * When I switch playlists, it forgets where I had scrolled to and what genre, artist or album was selected in the Column Browser. Whenever I switch lists (which I have to do a lot because of the first problem) I start at the head of a long list.


    * The album view is unworkable with a large library, especially with a ton of singles purchases. I bought about a dozen iTunes Essentials playlists, each of which adds 75 tracks from 75 different CDs. That's about a thousand album covers, each of which represents only one song. Yet iTunes keeps reverting to the album view no matter how often I pick the list view.


    * Last night it downloaded several TV shows I subscribe to, but all the episodes were marked as "watched" while a bunch of shows from years ago show up as "unwatched."


    * I gave up and turned off iTunes Match because every time I relaunched iTunes 11, it ran a Match scan that lasted about an hour and a half. iTunes 10 got through that scan in under 5 minutes.


    * I miss the album cover in the bottom of the sidebar. The new one is too tiny to be useful, and doesn't change when I select tracks for editing while listening to other songs, or function as a dorp target. As best I can tell, I have to use the command-I dialog in order to check and edit album art now.


    * Aesthetically, I don't much like it at all. It feels like Bing, the new Skype, or a Linux desktop app. It's very flat with soft shadows and gradiations as the only decorations. Controls appear on hovering over some items for a moment. There's lots of space wasted on gutters. I wish I could turn off that fat header on playlist views when I turn the status bar on, for example.

  • CoriLeon Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately, I don't like the new iTunes 11.


    You can't scroll a song in the new mini player (a feature I used a lot to choose the part of the song I wanted to listen to). Also, when the title of the song is too long, it doens't scroll so you cannot see the whole title.

    The 'searcher' is so pointless for me now, because you can't search a song/video in your device as it only shows results from the iTunes library.

    As many of you have said, where is the cover flow?


    We miss you greatly, Steve.

  • William Fiveash Level 1 (85 points)

    BTW, I suggest people also provide this feedback to Apple directly:

  • Michael Gaines Level 2 (170 points)

    I rolled back to 10. I couldn't take 11 anymore.

  • apatrides Level 1 (0 points)

    How, exactly?

  • stephenward_ Level 1 (5 points)

    I really like it. The layout is much cleaner and more logical, expanded album view is great. you've got options to pretty much view your content how you want, it's much easier to get a view of everything in your library, and I like the button on the top right to go to your iphone/ipod. I love how the colour of the tracks is matched to the colour of the album cover. Nice touch.

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