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  • faith423 Level 1 (10 points)

    Does Apple even listen to us, or read these rants???????????

    Apple doesn't read these forums, they are for users to help eachother with technical issues, you can submit feedback at

  • SilvaLazarus Level 1 (15 points)

    Apparently they dont.

    Although I have read posts saying they do.

    Maybe they only read it when it reaches a certain number of posts saying the same.


    In this situation, Its clear that the people who did iTunes 11 where not the same that did the 10 and apparently they where unable to replicate simple functions which have now been removed for no reason.

    The annoying bugs show that this is another software altogether.

    Just a crappy work not in the Apple tradition at all...

  • JPHP Level 1 (15 points)

    You can bet that someone at Apple does read these forums - they'd be foolish not to since they're hosted on their own website and under their name... or to intentionally avoid hearing what might be going wrong.


    But they like to give the appearance that they don't in order to not allow them to be used as an official public support mechanism or to give the impression that Apple will respond directly to every trivial complaint.


    And even if they genuinely don't, they really can't be unaware of the level of dissatisfaction with the new iTunes now.

  • MyMac8MyPC Level 4 (1,460 points)

    davek0974 wrote:


    this is a horrible, complicated, flawed update, much of the slick coolness has been deleted for no good reason and nothing of any use has been added at all.

    Apple would be miles ahead if they remembered the medicle Hippocratic Oath when they designed a new version of their apps - FIRST DO NO HARM (from the previous version).


    Everything worked correctly in iTunes 10 - but they broke much of it.


    Everything looked elegant and simple before - but now it looks cluttered and complicated.


    There's nothing wrong with wanting to make a new version of iTunes, but Apple please FIRST do no harm with any of your changes.

  • iPodista Level 3 (550 points)

    Probably dont need to, the iTunes feedback facility has probably got them enough to read.... if all Apple software writers were sat here reading customer views who the **** is writing the new code... What is of more interest is that Apple have user satisfaction testing of all beta software releases which sees them going to existing users on the typical mongrel of hardware permutations workign directly with an Apple software team with the intention of picking out interface glitches and incompatibilities who will have signed Non Disclosure Agreements so will be mute on what they saw... I dont know why they were not aware of the problems after this unless they deliberatly intended to make the changes iTunes 11 has implemented..

  • marginalt Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey.remember those old Excederin tv ads where they said "there's pain and then there's Excederin pain " ?

    The new iTunes update is definetely Excedein strength pain . Apple - please end our pain by fixing problems or allow us to easily go back to 10

  • iTunesDJ Level 1 (0 points)


    Re: What are your thoughts on the New iTunes 11?

    Dec 8, 2012 2:03 AM (in response to Porf)

    Just thought I would update folks that the poll for

    the new iTunes on iLounge (

    Of the 426 people that have responded, 42% are in

    the "None of the above. I really don't like the new version at all."



    At least in this poll, the numbers are approaching a majority

    that do not like iTunes 11!!


    BTW, ONLY 30% like the new interface!!!


    Now 45% are in the "None of the above. I really don't like the new version at all." And only 29% like the new interface!

  • embee_HH Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm pretty sure Apple read this because the iTunes 10.7 download link (right hand "Related Articles") was added last days. i dont think this came automatically and wasn't there the first days.


    ...and they will not answer in a different way. As said. It will be a hard way back to the old features, cause this path was tread and this crap is announced as a fascinating new experiance.


    Well... what comes next??

  • PrincessTintin Level 1 (0 points)

    I dislike ... much more complicated to find everytjing I was used to ... I liked coverflow ; gone ...  they did not make things easyer or cuter ; the older version was very nice ... I miss it already ...hope they read all the comments and bring things back ...

  • scottincastrovalley Level 1 (0 points)

    "Option command S" solved my problem!   I couldnt figure out how to put a playlist on my iphone for a half an hour.  Thank you!

  • carto Level 1 (10 points)

    I wonder if Scott Forstall was also in charge of the new iTunes development.   Who ever it was, it is just as bad or even worse than the maps app. 


    I want more advancement, not less with each update.   Apple should have made a custom install for iTunes so those that still wanted the cover flow and the other deleted features could install them. 


    I will be staying with 10.7 iTunes until Apple wakes up.   If not, MediaMonkey may get another paying customer.


    Apple totally forgets that iTunes is the users hub for everything.  It better look and work SUPER great since it is used DAILY for syncing, unlike Apple's other Apps like iPhotos, Safari, and the other lesser used apps.

  • carto Level 1 (10 points)

    You seem to be confusing "didn't like it" with "did not use it."


    Coverflow is still is super cool feature to have.   And less is not more in the Software wars!

  • Fabio Panzeri Level 1 (0 points)

    I just left my feedback on iTunes11: . At the question: "How Likely is it That you would recommend to a friend or colleague iTunes?", I replay: "0 - Extremely unlikely "

  • Airsculpture Level 4 (1,320 points)

    I have tried 11 twice now and rolled back to 10.7, unfortunately the second time corrupted something even though my itl library file was backed up separately on another drive.


    So, this meant losing all my playlists, play counts and ratings as it kept telling me the itl was corrupted and it created a new one for me.


    So I am still back on 10.7 but a weekend was lost recreating stuff I lost after eventually getting a clean install done of 10.7.


    I will hold off 'trying' 11 again until the issue with TV Show wrong artwork is sorted. Weird thing was it showed correctly on ATV just not inside iTunes.


    Everything else I must say seemed to work on 11 for me. Things I didn't like ? :


    White background in movies and tv shows

    Wrong artwork on TV Shows

    Missing artwork mini window in music for tracks not playing


    So pretty minor, but having read issues others have had, I may wait a while or take the plunge over Christmas.

  • Saki GT Level 1 (0 points)


    Suzanne Butz wrote:


    Actually, that is what has been starting to flirt with my attention the last few days:  if this is the start of the demise of iTunes, then it's time to go back to buying 'real' CDs rather than simply purchasing from the iTunes store.


    I love my music and have a large collection.  Although not as large as a lot of people on this forum, obviously




    When the iTunes store first opened (and was finally available here in Australia) I was hesitant to purchase : what if it all turned sour and I was left with an unusable music collection?  So it took me a while to feel comfortable with purchasing.  Of course, for the last couple of years it has been the only way I have purchased new music.  Now I am printing off a list of my purchases and over the next couple of years will probably look at purchasing those tracks I am particularly keen on in a hard format.  Yes, it adds to the clutter here, but it is starting to look safer long term.  


    This has certainly made me think twice about buying anything more through the store (other than rented movies...)


    What a set back!  Or maybe it is a timely reminder.....


    I am no fan of being locked into a technology.  That is the reason I stopped buying iTunes music when the competition finally arrived.  Same goes for books.  Amazon sells the same music and books, and they aren't locked in system-specific formats.  iTunes 11 has me not only looking for new sources for media but for new applications to use, and at a larger level, systems to use.

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