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    This is why I left Microsoft's crap.  it's not intutive and when you have to look, or figure out, or learning curve... that's not Apple, that's what MS is known for - Learning curve.


    From all the Keynote addresses I've seen most of the time, they stress "Intutive", "Easy", and the like.


    I hope this isn't going to be the new Apple from here on in.

  • marginalt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm , I don't think that I'm going to risk losing cover flow on iPhone . Will not be purchasing any music content from iTunes store until this mess is fixed up .  Something is rotten in the Apple cart .  CIAO

  • AnnaZigs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't like the new version at all.  I miss the cover flow and the ability to resize album covers.  I also lost much of my album artwork, even though most of my albums were downloaded in the Store or imported and matched to artwork online.

  • riy3rd Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bad, bad, bad.....COUNTER intuitive, not as easy to use as 10.6.3. After this post I'm going to uninstall 11.0 and go back to 10.6.3. Granted, a major overhaul is needed, but if long time Apple users can't figure this out than they got it wrong. Maybe I'll wait until 11.something later comes out.

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    So I read this article online today about people getting stranded in the Outback using Maps... I'm thinking these are the same designers that "improved" iTunes.  Guys, seriously, this is like a Windows upgrade where you now have to do 5 steps where it used to only take two.  Please do create a way to revert or dump this 11.  It is garbage.  iTunes 11 is the antithesis of Apple as I know it.

  • mwheelerk Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I know that under two of the views, Artist and Genre you can adjust artwork size.

  • Bernard Knight Level 2 Level 2 (235 points)

    Having now used iT v11 for a while and got used to its peculiarities, as many have pointed out, I must admit that I am stumped as to thinking why Aplle thought this was a good way to go.


    The interface, on the surface, has been cleaned up, and the general overall performance has been transformed for the better, but that is about the best I can say of this flawed release.


    I just use iTunes to play music from my desktop in a way not dissimilar to the way I did when I had real albums and a turntable/cassette player, so I'll leave off from commenting on the unannounced removal of "Coverflow", "Check for Duplicates", DJ, etc. as I never used them - many aficionados of these v10 attributes will give their own lament and most resoundingly they seem to have done that.


    PRO; The "Add to up next" function is really useful although it'd be nice if you could choose where in the list you add it to.


    PRO; Having the separate Song/Album/Artist "view" is a logical way to move about iTunes and move it on from its rather lacklustre v10 navigation and I really enjoy the look of these views to an extent.


    CON; The separate Song/Album/Artist "views" have been poorly executed, as amongst other things, when switching between these "views", you often get thrown back up to the top of each list. I would have expected that if I had selected, say, a particular Robyn Hitchcock song in "Songs" (a particularly inept contrivance of a name for what could be music, film. book, etc.) that when I selected "Artists" I'd have him selected in the sidebar and be shown his albums and in "Albums" his ones would be in centre screen. But that doesn't seem to be the case generally. Sometimes it does, but I don't know how you ensure it is always the case. Not a big problem for a small amount of tracks, but bloody idiocy for most of us who have a large catalogue.


    CON; In the "Song" view you cannot see any album art. If this is the view that you are supposed to use to generally edit your albums, and that would seem to be the case as in the other views it has been made very difficult, then this is stupidity ++. For me, as an oldie who remembers that music was about buying a LP playing it and scrutinising the cover art, that, and the now inability to put multiple items in this field, is crass.


    CON; If you are into classical music (or Jazz, even), apart from the Songs view, you have no way of ordering by Composer. And as an aside, again, why are these referred to as "songs'?


    CON; In the info window why dispense with the "Gapless Album" option in info? Is there something I've missed or do we now only have a choice of universally setting "Crossover Fade" to zero to achieve a similar effect? Having said that, on a cursory experiment of a few live albums, v11 currently appears to respect my v10 settings for "Gapless Album", but of course any new albums I import ...


    CON; The icons in the "Genre" view are so spectacularly naff that I can hardly believe it is part of an Apple release. Jobs must be writhing in his his grave.


    CON; There are many, many more … but I just don't have the will/energy to enumerate them.


    Overall it is the philosophy behind this update ("downdate", perhaps?) that now scares me. Apple seems to be dumbing things down to the extent that the user has no control over anything. Speaking as a desktop Mac user, I have no idea what things look like on different sized screens, but for me;

    - Why no control over font size? It's far too big for me as it is now and fills my generous screen.

    - There doesn't seem to be any way to control the Album Art size in any meaningful way in any of the views & not to have the art show show in the Song view is IMO shear stupidity.


    I have been an Apple user since 1991 and have largely seen a betterment with each upgrade in OS or Application (ok, we'll give the later OS8 releases a miss in that broad statement), however this iT upgrade (and what I have read about Mountain Lion) appears to be a retrograde step. Apple now seems to think that everyone, regardless of the platform they are on, just needs the iOS treatment. This is plainly wrong, unless, of course, as a company, you are so misguided to think that maybe you should ditch the desktop experience and just concentrate on the "my precious", the shiny, shiny bling stuff they are now more famous for producing. Perhaps it will be the time, when my MacMini reaches the end of its natural, to think of moving over to the "dark side". It's far, far uglier, but it's cheaper, has far more software options and will be more compatible with my partner's system.

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    HATE IT WHY DID I UPDATE!!! grrrrr and i cant go back to version 10 without alot of messing about.... well done apple keep it up the good work!!!! Are they trying to **** off their customers as they are doing a really good job.


    Apple are they the new Microsoft???  I think its time to abondon ship aint gona be bothereing buying any moer apple products its one thing after the other with these muppets, they dont like asking their customers what they like and what they want they just dictate to there customers, this is how it is lets hope sales decrease and they will see the damage they doing.


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    I love it! Very user friendly. Although, I thought cover flow looked cool I never saw a purpose for it, being there were other, easier, ways to search for albums. I just liked to get a closer look at the album art. Apple has still made it easy to view larger album art by clicking on the album as it plays at the top of the screen. It is also easier to create playlists and que up songs with the Play Next and Add to up next options. I am also enjoying the option to wirelessly sync my iphone with itunes 11. Great app, I'm always looking for reasons to play with it and discover new things.

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         Bernard Knight


         CON; There are many, many more … but I just don't have the will/energy to enumerate them.


    I'll add some...


    CON; no Find Duplicates. OK, you can still do it manually by displaying in song order, but it's time-consuming.


    CON; Shuffle is now global, not set per playlist. So if you want one playlist to be on shuffle and another not, you have to remember to manually turn shuffle on or off when switching playlists - two steps to achive the same as took one before. Not a huge deal, but annoying. Actually what normally happens is that you forget until the wrong second song plays and it's then *very* annoying... ruins the listening experience completely if it's something like a classical symphony or a concept album you're trying to play and it goes to a random track instead of the second one.


    CON; Show iCloud Purchases keeps turning itself back on even when it's been turned off.


    CON; You can no longer open multiple windows, which was a handy way of sorting music from one playlist to another. You can still do it, but there's now a huge amount of unproductive zooming back and forth from one playlist to another. More multiple steps to achieve something that took one before.


    CON; you can't get rid of the Genre view option. I don't like genre labelling and have purposely removed it from my entire library - but you can't turn off the view option. I know not a lot of people will be bothered by this or understand why I want to do it, but the point is that you can no longer set things how you want.



    I'm sure there are even more but I'll leave those to others.


    Overall, I can't think of a single thing that's a genuine improvement in 11 other than possibly the expanded view in Album mode. Everything else is either missing or works much less well than 10.7. Even given that, I haven't bitten the bullet and downgraded yet - these are annoyances rather than total deal-breakers for me (unlike a previous "update" to OSX than stopped the WiFi sharing working, and which I had no choice but to downgrade from), and I'm hoping that Apple will address them in the next revision. But it's badly shaken my confidence in Apple and I suspect that it's a sign of bad things to come.

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    Its been ok for me, managing to live with it, no major disasters fingers crossed  - once I got the sidebar back, it seems more familiar.  I miss the album artwork square in the bottom of the sidebar in List View.     Luckily,  I mainly used list view  (keeping the track being played on top of the list with Command L) - I'm not a great user of other views, tending to play on shuffle or in date added order.    I  never used Coverflow but I agree it would be a bummer to lose it if you did. The Command L now not working till the next track is a bit of a  pain.  The thing about playcount going to zero is annoying but so far, not the end of the world.  A Show Duplicates option was useful in the past while sorting things out and should definitely be restored.  In the meantime, a workaround would be to put all songs in time order then scroll down looking for similar/identical song titles, and if they are identical in length, check them out to see if they are truly a duplicate - this would be time consuming  though.  But even with the Show Duplicates, I remember doing this for some reason - dunno why, maybe something to do with remixes from 12" vinyl recorded onto tape then transferred to mp3  having the same song title as a completely different version from a cd?  Remixes were always a nightmare to sort out. 


    I did have problems before, putting in different sort fields which had, to me, unexpected nonsensical results.  And what about the time it stopped playing after every song... it wasn't exactly perfect before, so no change there. However still light years ahead of my ancient (well, 1996) CD changer.

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    People obviously use iTunes in a variety of context and manner and that variance leads to a vast array of experience and satisfaction or lack there of. I manage my music on an artist and album level rarely on an individual song level so the Song list view is of little consequence to me but I see how it might effect others. I used Cover Flow extensively as a display mechanism and not as a search mechanism so the full screen display of the artwork by clicking on the artwork thumbnail works for my purpose but will not meet others needs. Play counts which I use to edit Playlist are only available in Song view which is a little tedious to use for my purposes but may meet other needs.


    Like I said, so many variable needs and wants for all of us that may or may not be available in 11 that YMMV in the experience of using iTunes.

  • Drew Reece (Re:co) Level 2 Level 2 (310 points)

    rosygale wrote:


    I However still light years ahead of my ancient (well, 1996) CD changer.


    They should use that for the advertising campaign.


    "Introducing iTunes 11 from Apple, better than a 18 year old CD changer."


    I have to wonder if the 90's was their theme for this version…



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  • Paul Richards4 Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    I agree.

    I posted a few days ago, when i was really fed up about iTunes11. I've had time to settle in now. Stepped back and looked from a safe distance..!

    99.9% of the posts here are very critical, or extremely critical. A number of people are talking about getting rid of their Macs, Phones etc and going to Windoze, or any number of other crazy ideas.

    First, let me say, go to your office. Sit on your PC for an hour. and remember how bad things could really be.

    Think about viruses, Norton and Symantec.

    Think about Service Packs. and about XP, Vista, 95, 98 and all the other ludicrous options.

    Think about Dell and Gateway, and what you actualy get for your three hundred quid. About 250 quids worth of stuff that isn't reliable.

    Now I'm not defending iTunes11.

    I REALLY hope Apple have had a look at this thread, and act on it.

    I won't go into what's wrong, that has been done here, enough.


    A question though, cos I'm a bit dim sometimes; what's RIGHT about this 'upgrade'? Is it really any faster? smaller? or in any way better?

    10.7 seemed to me to have all the Apple store connectivity I wanted.. ?

    Is there actually any benefit at all that I haven't noticed?


    Come on Apple. We know you can do FAR better than this. Whoever was in charge of this needs to get on and fix it fast, because there is an angry mob out here shouting for your head!




    [our house = 2 xiPhone5, 1 x iPhone4, 2xMac Mini, Imac 27" on order, 1xiPad one, 1xNewiPad,  1xiPod, 1x shuffle (the first one! lovely!), and my old iPod 2nd gen still works too. Good reliable quality products.

    I'm not happy, but I'm not going to the dark side]

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