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    James. I think I speak for every one in this thread that we all found out about those "FIXES" in the very first minutes of using iTunes 11.

    What we also found out where the unexplainable absence of Cover Flow and many other things we got used to in iTunes and which we did LOVE!!!

    Slowly we also found out about many of the things that no longer work like Play count and lots of bugs when importing music.

  • James Thomson Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)

    Yeah.  I knew I was making comments for a different kind of user and that my comments would serve others who use iTunes simply as straight forward playlists in one location.  So, really my comments were not helpful to the league of users in this thread.

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    @cosmozinga: Well, you don't have to go all the way to the darkside...


    Incidentally, today I downloaded Spotify and I can see iTunes 11 makes it pretty clear where I'm going from here...

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    anyone no how to return to the old itunes???

  • Paul Richards4 Level 1 Level 1 (75 points)

    topperdog wrote:


    iTunes 11 is a bunch of little tiny band aids that are designed to cover up a monumental wound underneath that never got fixed in previous versions.  Just what is it's functionality now?


    actually yes. break it down into its component parts.

    play music?  - yes please, with Find, Find Duplicates (that works), Coverflow, resizable artwork, etc etc.

    Sync your devices? - yes please. separate app if you like.

    Promote Apple's iCloud? - yes please. separate app, but i won't buy it as I've already subscribed.

    Promote Apple's store? - yes please. separate app, but i won't buy it as i already buy.

    Play movies and TV shows? - yes please. separate app. (remember quicktime 1?!)



    update podcasts - separate app if you like

    update iTunesU - separate app if you like


    etc etc etc.


    you're right. this 'up'date (sic) proves that iTunes11 (and its update) was/were trying to be all things to all men, and simultaneously dumb down, because Apple 2012 does seem to have decided that 'all men' are not that bright.

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    I am not a big fan so far, it's buggy, choppy and doesn't work with front row. As a fat guy, i appreciate being able to watch media from my bed.

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    I am not an apple expert but this is how I did it.  I got it from a form: MacRumors thread


    You have to be able to allow the install to over write the newer install, which Apple installs don't allow.  With the Pacifist software you can accomplish this.  The JackButler post is how I re-installed 10.7 on my machine.


    Hope this helps

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    latest iTunes a complete disaster, album listings shoon alphabetically by artist name not album name; plus albums split up into diffrent artists, even featuring - the whole point of album listing is to show whole albums together. Plus problems syncing iPhone 4s. nightmare!!

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    Why would they take out coverflow and all the flexibility of view options? It's crazy, and doesn't seem to have improved useability one bit.


    I can see this being another imaps incident.

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    I agree - BRING BACK COVERFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Haven't seen any complaints here about the Radio function of latest iTunes update

    Here (hear ? )    are a few observations of mine :

    I'm a reggae fan so these examples are from the reggae stream list  - I'm sure other streams are similar

    - click on SkaFreaks station and this is highlighted but what you get playing is in fact the next station down on the list   SONGCAST RADIO ,   same thing with Underwire station - click on it and you get the next station down Webadub Hot Dancehall station .  Where have these old stations gone ?

    - Zircon radio stream used to come in at high quality 320kbs and is now at 128kbs  Why is this ?

    -  the net radio icon in the player window if you click on this what you get as large artwork is not this icon but that crappy music note in a black background that is for music that you have in iTunes that has no cover art Why ?

    - Lastly ( for now )  there used to be that upside down comma symbol on the right side of the player window that would return to the station ( or song in library) that was playing so you could be surfing through station list ( or songs in your library ) and easily get back to what was currently playing .  Where is this feature ,I miss it a lot.


    So ,  while none of these things are exactly Crimes of the Century I think that they all contibute to the case that the latest iTunes is a very poor excuse  for an update and appropriate amends should be made by Apple address  issues and deficiencies .   Not feeling IRIE !

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    I eventually managed to find my iPad, but at least it doesn't seem to fight with Outlook any more.

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    I was all set to buy a 27" iMac this Christmas but I've decided to stick with my Windows 7 PC so I can stay on iTunes 10.7. I wonder how many more sales Apple are going to lose because of this botched update?


    The two major issues I have -


    1. Removal of the option to have the column browser on the left, lots of people complaining about this -


    2. The new search. I find it cumbersome and virtually unusable. I much preferred the old search where all results are displayed in the main list window. Now it throws me into a different view depending whether the match is an 'artist' or  'album' but I don't like these views I want everything in a list like 'song' view but I can only get the search results in this view if the match is a 'song'. It's complete BS, just give me the freaking search results in a list like the old iTunes! Also it no longer searches the comment tag which severely limits the search functionality if, like me, you save meta data in the comment tag.


    If they fixed those two things it still wouldn't be as good as 10.7 but it would at least be usable.


    More generally Apple seem to have this obsessions with 'Albums'. I do have lots of albums but I never browse or listen to music by album. Perhaps it's because the main genres I listen to are dance music and because I'm a DJ but I just don't get this focus on albums. Surely one of the main benefits of digital music is that is that you're liberated from the constraints of listening to 'albums' and you can listen to what YOU want in the order you want. I guess it just goes to show that we all listen to music in different ways, something Apple clearly forgot when they were designing iTunes 11.

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