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  • topperdog Level 1 (25 points)

    I also agree that users should be able to change the colors of the iTunes graphics to soething other than whit, which is ruining my screen if window is left open for any period of time.  Cinema display does not like it at all.

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    Overall I am not unhappy with the new version. On my machine performance is slightly better, though resizing the active window is slower than it used to be...


    However, I do wonder why Apple has the tendency to remove great features from newer versions of their software...


    Example: I used to sort albums by album-name and year of release. Now I can only sort by name. Stupid...


    Another thing that I find annoying, is that it is still not possible to do anything with the player while it is importing data, oh and when it can´t find tracks of any given album you still have to locate each track separately even though they are all in the same directory.

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  • topperdog Level 1 (25 points)

    Sound Quality has changed as well.  There is something that has changed with the sound being played through iTunes.  Volume levels are different.  Having listened to the same albums for 10 years, and having the levels set in iTunes for my three airplay devices to play music at a level that correspnds to a volume knob setting on the airplay device (High Fidelity airplay devices with very good speakers and very good subwoofers), the volume on the devices has dramatically gone down, and it almost seems like iTunes is putting some type of complression on the audio as well.  Is it horrible?  That is an opinion for the user, I find it to be a little bit less quality than it was in iTunes 10.7.  Nowing what iTunes actually does to the audio in the code before sending out to the speakers is something I am not "privy" to.  It does sound different though.

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    thank you for your patience


    Absolutely no problem with the patience. I enjoyed every minute of that read!


    I actually wonder f there is something more sinister going on here. Maybe Apple has colluded with a music industry sick of having their digital offerings 'stolen' by people like me who buy the CDs and then rip them to their computers.


    They are further miffed that now people don't bother buying the music, they just download it. They're not bothered about audio quality and if they are, they have to search out hi-res files and guess what? Download them too!


    So how about the music companies getting some control back? What if the music companies have said to Apple, "Okay, you've proven to us you can run the busiest music store in the world and we are losing revenue, how about we force everyone to buy just through you?"


    Apple must be rubbing it's hands together as it tries to deliver a 'Cloud'. A huge server(s) somewhere that we all subscribe to by default using our Apple ID to which we have already handed over our credit card details.


    So then Apple says "Right, Mr Record Company. You stop selling CDs, give us the rights to sell digital downloads and we'll give you a cut." "Oh no" says Mr Record Company. "You can do better than that. How about we sell every person with an Apple ID a monthly subscription so they can play so many tracks per month on any device they own. They won't own the music, we will. They won't have a physical copy because they won't need one. If they pay more they can play more and we'll all get rich again."


    "Sounds cool" says Apple. "Let's test the water by offering the opportunity to play stuff off the Cloud now. We can even control how they organise their own music so we can reduce the audio quality and strip them of any bandwidth hogging artwork too. If they don't 'buy' it we'll remove the choice and force them too. It's a win, win for us."


    "Okay, Apple" says Mr Record Company. Do you think Steve would approve?" "Who cares?" says Apple. "He still played vinyl anyhow. He hated the poor quality of MP3s."

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    Nice conspiracy theory, but it doesn't really hold up to Hanlon's razor…



    iCloud & iTunes match are optional services. The 'cloud' icons are annoying but no one is forcing you to sign up.



    For some people iTunes match is a way to convert the 'years of stolen music' (either collected from piracy or 'borrowed from friend' copying) into higher quality audio.

    You can keep the files from iTunes match after they have been matched & downloaded to a Mac/ PC (No DRM). If you stop the subscription you only lose access to the online availability.


    You can think of iTunes match as an amnesty for pirates - you don't need tell Apple where the files came from & they replace the files with their own (possibly better quality) versions.



    No one is forced to only have music in iCloud, lazy people will only rely on Apple but smart people will understand the concept of a local backup and the power to organize files within iTunes on a computer.


    Apple and the record companies have decided it is better to get a slice of a small repeating fee compared to getting nothing at all. iTunes Match is basically what Apple already provide for current iTunes purchases so there is little investment they need to make in terms of servers and software.


    It's entirely plausible that you have spent many hours ripping full or high quality files & spent time getting the best artwork and all the metadata etc. If that is the case iTunes match may not be for you, but don't spend time thinking about why & how Apple's actions are evil.


    Apple don't need a reason to mess things up - they are a company they make mistakes, just apply…


    Hanlon's razor:

    'Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity'


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    I think at this point we are approaching 900 replies to the original post.  I didn't read them all but skimming through the 50+ pages I didn't find a single favorable response.  Wow. 


    You won't find one here, either.  This thing is awful.  I finally figured out how to download/sync my podcasts (I think) but I'm really struggling to keep my apps updated.  I haven' even had time to get into the music. 


    I reallize they need to change a few things with Airplay and all, but it didn't require a (bad) re-design. 

  • rustyintegrale Level 1 (60 points)


    iCloud & iTunes match are optional services. The 'cloud' icons are annoying but no one is forcing you to sign up.


    For now. The 'cloud' icons are the least of my worries...

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    The new itunes is not my favorite.  It is confusing and sometimes does not connect to appletv via airplay.  I have had problems figuring it all out (ok, call me stupid).  Why such a drastic change? 

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      Hi Guys


      & thank you MacPow 75 : Adrian Belew ? are you kidding,  is he AWESOME or what !?  


      CKyaw : unfortunately it's something of an established ''thing'' that every so often your ''product'' has to be re-packaged, re-done, re-whatever in order to keep it ...i don't know...modern ? crisp ? fresh ? or some other such marketing idiocy/soundbite


      my position regarding that is that whoever comes up with these ''brilliant concepts'' should take a long hard look for example at the chocolate industry & see that despite it tastes basically the same for the last what....300 years ?...people still consume it by the gazillions of tons EVERY YEAR  - could there be a clue in there somewhere that things actually DON'T have to be re-nothing in order to remain appealing ?


      are people considered SO STUPID as to be incapable of recognising a good thing when they see it ?


      do you seriously think you'd go YUCK !! if someone gave you a 1950's Ferrari or Jaguar ? as last century as they are, point's triggered ignitions, drum brakes & all...

    one might NOT be able to afford the running costs but YUCK !! ??? i SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.....

      now the latest, greatest Hyunday Sports whatchamacallit ?


      lets try & park a few of each side by side & see what MOST people on this planet would choose, don't want to be demeaning to Hyunday but.....


    i don't intend to slam the door on change regarding iTunes or any other piece of software, i would just wish though that changes brought to it were of substance & not ''blingy''


    i'm very happy for the people who like it - i really am & i wish i could. unfortunately i can't, it went from a software i could use w/ my eyes shut to something i have to read through & read & read & ....BIG YAWNNN !!!.... did anybody say BORING ?? jeez....


      actually to be totally honest i was hoping that FINALLY iTunes would've evolved into separate programs :


    1 - a much lighter & nimble program, totally focused on playing the music to it's utmost quality ( + support for some more lossless formats, etc..) in addition to it's awesome capabilities as an AMAZING librarian


    2 - iTunes Store/apps + all the rest


      of course i'm being naughty here, i would use nº2 as much as i use Terminal : 3 times in the last 4 or 5 years ?.............


      however i think there is some logic to this - enough to go through all the Forums dedicated to computer hi-fi, with a more or less pronounced ''audiophile'' tendency realize THERE IS a VERY sizeable market out there for such a music player, even at a ''serious price tag''

      let's face it, if i bought all my albums all over again, i would spend MORE than my house is worth so wouldn't i be ready to spend a REALLY MINUTE % of that cost to have the GREATEST music player ever ? on a computer that costs like....4 times your run of the mill computer ?


      doesn't Apple themselves produce GarageBand AND Logic ? iPhoto AND Aperture ? iMovie AND FinalCut Pro ? am i missing something ?


      finally - thanks rustyintegrale, i'm glad you did enjoy reading it


      regarding ''sinister'' plots going on, i might be a bit naif but i don't think it's the case. however in the 20th century we do have an almost perfect track record of how small, upcoming companies loose track of what made them great to begin with when they grow beyond a certain point - does ''too big to fail'' ring a bell anyone ?..

      IBM, Microsoft, GM do come to mind among MANY others - what is it that makes them behave like ostriches anyway ? sticking their heads in the sand DOESN'T make them right nor the problems go away


      as for the music industry, well....DON'T get me started :

    what a pre-historic, outdated business model , the whole only made worse by the decision maker's refusal to open their eyes & actually EMBRACE the new technologies to provide them with MORE & not less revenue

       isn't THAT exactly what the iTunesStore was/is ALL ABOUT ? a revolutionary vision of how to get music to the consumer ? conveniently AND at a REASONABLE PRICE


      let's put it this way : had the iTunesStore existed 40 some years ago when i started buying music & my music collection would have cost me like ....a THIRD ?? in Portugal LP & CD used to cost , not too long ago, an average of 17 to 22€ ( that's between 20 to 30 bucks !!.. ) 

    iTunes brought that down to 7 to 12€ without the resource waste of LP or CD pressing, packaging, distributing, etc, etc, etc....or even having to go to a music store & depend on what was in the Top10,  Top of the Pops or something just as ridiculous



      well, to finish - & then i PROMISE i'll be quiet !!.. ;-) .. - DON'T forget to send feedback to Apple, it DOES MATTER & it DOES COUNT :




      trust me : Apple does listen, even if they like to pretend they don't. after all if they allienate too many customers well....there goes their reason for existing so there's only so much dismissing they can afford to


      cheers to all

  • rustyintegrale Level 1 (60 points)

    1 - a much lighter & nimble program, totally focused on playing the music to it's utmost quality ( + support for some more lossless formats, etc..)

    This could be the answer to your prayers. I'm trialling it right now...



    BitPerfect on the Appstore looks good for the money so I bought it.





  • nuno1959 Level 1 (25 points)

    Hi rusty


    & thanks for your suggestion - it IS most welcome !!


    although i haven't completely given up on Apple to actually come through reinstating some features in a future update to iTunes11, fact is i HAVE started looking for a iTunes substitute so i'll definitely look into what Decibel has to offer


    will let you know what....



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    Will apple guys one day release an update fixing all the mess they've made in this POS version??????????


    Nuno1959, your comment about chocolate and cars are great!!!

    I wish that the brilliant apple developers are reading what we have to say


    I've sent lots of feedbacks to apple, hoping one day some of them will read!!!

  • nuno1959 Level 1 (25 points)

      Hi CKyaw


      lets give Apple the benefit of the doubt : more often than not they DO COME UP with GREAT STUFF & their track record indicates that in SOME instances they DO backdown from certain decisions, if enough of us send feedback of course which i know from experience they DO read...


      now, not wanting to be a ''moralising hypocrite'' because i DO use language that is MUCH, MUCH WORSE  than P.O.S, forgive me to suggest when you post here or in the feedback you refrain from using it - as we say in my country it's much easier to attract/catch flies with sugar than with vinegar ;-)


      use sarcasm instead, as in the chocolate & car comments you liked ! know what i mean ?


      keep up the good efforts & yes, we will succeed



  • GaryCoyne Level 1 (0 points)

    What were they thinking. I've been playing/fighting with this for about a week now and just do not like it. Oh where to begin??


    Cover Flow: not an issue for me as I didn't use it much before.

    MiniPlayer: why would I NOT want to see the time remaining? Sheesh!

    Easy sorting on columns: sure, let's break with 26 years of tradition. Dumb dumb dumb.

    Moving songs from iTunes to mobile device: it's been getting more and more complicated and harder and this breaks the case. I used to be able to move songs from multiple albums into a new playlist easy. Can't do that now. Have to move one album, then the next then the next. Why make it more difficult?


    Did Apple ever do a use study? Removing capabilities does not make something easier. It does make it more frustrating.

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