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Just downloaded the new software to my 2011 MBP running Mountain Lion. When importing a new song, the track appears on my "Recently Added" playlist but will not show up in my library. It's as if the song only exists in the Recently Added playlist.


I connected my Touch and synced it. The song shows up there in the iPod's library as expected, perfectly normal. However, on my Mac, it is no where to be found except for on Recently Added.


Even when I search for the track and, more generally, the artist, I still cannot find it. All the labels are correct as I checked them against other songs on the same album that had been successfully imported prior to the software update.


I also organized the library by "date added," which would show the most recently added track at the very top - and the one in question is not there.


Essentially, I know this track exists in my library as iTunes added it to my iPod. But it seems to be invisible!


Has anyone else run into this? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, everyone.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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