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Just downloaded the new software to my 2011 MBP running Mountain Lion. When importing a new song, the track appears on my "Recently Added" playlist but will not show up in my library. It's as if the song only exists in the Recently Added playlist.


I connected my Touch and synced it. The song shows up there in the iPod's library as expected, perfectly normal. However, on my Mac, it is no where to be found except for on Recently Added.


Even when I search for the track and, more generally, the artist, I still cannot find it. All the labels are correct as I checked them against other songs on the same album that had been successfully imported prior to the software update.


I also organized the library by "date added," which would show the most recently added track at the very top - and the one in question is not there.


Essentially, I know this track exists in my library as iTunes added it to my iPod. But it seems to be invisible!


Has anyone else run into this? Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance, everyone.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I have exactly the same problem on my Mac Pro (10.8.2) and iTunes 11. I have tried everything I can think of. It's a shame, I quite like the new iTunes, it just doesn't seem!

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    I have the same issue with imported TV Shows (Haven't tried music yet!). I import using iFlicks and to start off with they didn't even show up in my recently added smart list until I restarted iTunes. No matter what I try, restart iTunes, reboot my iMac etc, my new Shows will not show up in my library

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    Same exact thing is happening here.  Can only see tracks on recently added.  If i go to the folder manually, I can see the tracks on my hard drive as well. 

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    I tried importing a m4v video file into iTunes 11 (10.8.2, rMBP) and can't see it anywhere.  In previous versions of iTunes, imported video files went into the Movies folder.  But not iTunes 11.  After importing the video, I see  a new folder is created called  "Home Videos" that contains the imported video file.  But nowhere in iTunes 11 do I see any Home Videos listed.  So how do I view the imported video file in iTunes 11?

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    So it sounds like this is an actual bug then. I've asked this question in other forums and it appears to be a legitimate bug now that I'm hearing others having the same issues.

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    I found the solution to my issue.  Under Movies, along the top is a new category called Home Movies.  That's where my imported movie file went.

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    The wierd thing is that the songs i have imported are not showing up on itunes BUT are showing up on my iphone and ipad thru match.

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    Same issue with imported songs, despite directing the import to the correct folder on harddrive, song didn't show up in appropriate album, only under Playlists - Recently Added.  Had to right-click - Get Info and update the Artist, Album, etc to get it to appear in Library.


    New iTunes = just a pretty face. Underneath same clunky navigation.  Drives me crazy that my use of iTunes comes to complete halt while iTunes updates ID3 tags, instead of doing that in the background,... And the aforementioned import issues.... Funny how the Songs view looks just like Songbird....Oh well.

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    I'm seeing the same thing. After dropping an album in "~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes" the files disappeared from the directory, and showed up in the right spot in the iTuens files system (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/<artist>/<album>/), but they do not appear anywhere in iTunes. Search finds nothing. They are also not in my "Recently Added" playlist.


    I've found no workaround.


    What's more, is there a way to drag-and-drop files to import in iTunes 11? In prior versions you could drop files on the panel in the upper left-hand corner of the app and it could import them.

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    Hi guys, I seem to have found a solution. I signed in to my iTunes account and started iTunes match. I didn't actually let it finish scanning my library as I don't want to use it at the moment, however, sure enough my new imports appeared in the library!


    Strange! Give it a go.



  • sharman Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Doesn't that require signing up for Match, a paid ($25/year) service I don't want?

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    Well I thought I would mention it just incase we all had iTunes match and it was the cause of the problem. I have it but I don't use it at the moment, It worked for me so I thought I would let you know.


    Hope you get it sorted.

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    Fair enough.


    Thanks for the update, and possible workaround.


    Hopefully we get some word from Apple... soon! Until then, I guess I won't be listening to any new music.

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    This morning i noticed that my entire iTunes Library had "!" next to every song. I had upgraded to iTunes 11 last night. I had to delete my entire library and reimport all my music. It was still doing that when I left for work so hopefulley when I get home my music will be there.

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