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Hello, ( dutch i will try my best englisch   )


I have two spreadsheats.


1 Klanten bestand ( customers file )

1 Factuur  ( invoice )


When i put in the invoice the cusomer number i want to get out of cusomors file the adres.


I can do that whitin 1 spreadscheet but i need to do that whitin the two.


Now i have


=ZOEKEN(H10;Klantenbestand::Tabel 1 :: $A;Bedrijfsnaam) 


     could be in english 

               = LOOKUP (H10; client file :: Table 1 :: $ A; Company Name)


I think it should be somthing like


=ZOEKEN(H10; file location :: Klantenbestand::Tabel 1 :: $A;Bedrijfsnaam) 


     could be in english

               = LOOKUP (H10; file location :: client file :: Table 1 :: $ A; Company Name)


I cant find somting related whit google or in the forum.


Is there some one who knows how to ???


And i would like to work whit iCloud if posible....