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My daughter finally decided on a laptop.

She wants Macbook Pro. She is coming from a really old Toshiba Satallite.

Despite trying to talk her into exploring all options she ordered the 13" retina.


To put my mind at rest the questions is this.

Will it be able to serve her as well and reliably as her toshiba?

She uss this professionaly and educationally at school and work.

Microsoft office, photoshop, adobe illustrator, spreadsheets, light video encoding, some type lf sound engineering software(i forget what its cslled) she also likes 1080 youtube videos and doing allot of multitaking. She makes websites and does professional graphic design work. I saw run sony vegas, dreamweaver, she on occasion uses autocad for projects. We both sense the macbook 13 pros retina limitations but she likes the macbook pro 13 retina allot and her satallie from 2009 abused and falling apart is giving her problems.


What do you guys think?

I thought about giving her my macbook air 8gb / i7 3667m.


Does the macbook pro retina 13" have any lag issues? Problems? What is different other then the processor compared to the air?


She plans on doing professional work on this so i do wonder. Opions advice welcome. She is stuck on the retina. Thanks again guys!

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    The 13" rMBP should serve her well - and you'll have another Mac in the family. Personally, I'm just not sold on the Retina display just yet, but if your daughter has looked at them and likes the quality, then that's what she should get. More and more apps and utilities are coming along to fully support the Retina display quality now (Photoshop is still lagging, as are all Adobe products at this time) but MS Office 2011 for Mac is Retina-ready as are all of Apple's apps.


    I usually advise against Retina machines - but most people who have them love them. We only hear of the problems on these forums and the #1 issue that still remains, for some, is image retention. But even that seems to have a 'solution' of sorts, last time I looked at the Retina burn-in thread.


    So get her what she wants - you know that she's not going to be satisfied with anything else.


    Just my 2¢...



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    I really appreciate the reply. I am much more at ease. Normally she buys cheap-o laptops you know the ones at BestBuy that dont get much attention. They do last though. As long as you keep dust away from electronics. They last.

    Thanks again for the reply, the only issue i was concerned about was not so much IR but running windows and the mouse/screen lag i heard about. If the on board truly can't handle it and i is not a software issue then im all for it. If it's a actuall techinical design flaw where the macbool can't handle it's own retina display then i am sterring away from it.


    I have not heard of any updates or clear info on the screen lag. Some have it others don't.

    It seems QC is a big issue today with many companies.

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    Will it be able to serve her as well and reliably as her toshiba?


    I use both Windows and Macintosh about 50-50. I find Macs to be consistently more reliable and dependable.


    She is stuck on the retina.


    Personally, you couldn't give me a computer without an optical drive.  I am very satisfied with the resolution on the non-retina MacBook Pro (with a built-in optical drive).

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    Yeah I think the case is a good idea. She tends to throw her stuff around. Amzingly, it never breaks.

    I also like the retina, it's easier on my eyes and that's why I like them. Thanks for all your input guys.