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I've got two old MacMini's, one a PowerPC 1,25 (model A1103) and the other an Intel 1,66 (model A1176), and I was considering using one of them as an iTunes server connected to my hi-fi, controlled with Remote app over wifi.

The PowerPC is in working condition, although very limited (40GB HD, no Airport), the other is unusable because of a fatal problem in the logic board.
So, my question is: could I take the airport card and antenna from the Intel and use it in the PPC? I know I can't reuse the HD because one is ATA and the other SATA, but I would also would need to install a bigger disk (maybe, with some luck, I might not need to buy one).

Will the Remote app work (I read somewhere it doesn't with models prior to 2011)? Am I missing some other problem? Do you guys think its worth the trouble?


Thank you in advance for you advices!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1), 2.4 Intel Core Duo