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RussBird Level 1 Level 1

Upgraded from iPhone 4 to 5 this week.


New iPhone 5 constantly loses wi-fi signal in any other room in my house except the room where the actual router is based. Router is 2 months old N series, works perfectly. Interestingly I upgraded this router so my iPhone 4 could reach it in every room = worked 100%.


This problem does not exist on my other iPhone 4, 4S, iPad, Mac Book, PS3, televisions! and 2 laptops. Just the iPhone 5. I have control tested this to make sure my statement is 100% factual.


This is not limited to just my house. EXACT same issue exists at my place of work and several hotels I have visited in the last few days.


The wifi signal received by the iPhone 5 is constantly intermittant. Sometimes it works for a few moments then drops out, all without even moving it.


I have performed a full factory reset. No improvement. I have performed a network setting reset. No improvement.


ALSO... My company ordered 10 of these that were received on early this week and the majority of people with these new iPhone 5's are all reporting the EXACT same issues. Therefore... I suspect this is an iPhone 5 related issue, not individual specific handsets. e.g. a replacement handset will have the same issue.


Ultimately I am after some form of acknowledgement that Apple are aware of this and working on a 'patch' to fix it.


If anyone has any  suggestions to resolve this wi-fi issue please let me know.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
  • Simply Apple Level 1 Level 1

    Make sure your running on the latest ios version (version 6.1).

    You can check this under settings > general > about searching for "Version".


    If your up-to-date on software, than try the following article:

  • RussBird Level 1 Level 1

    I am running iOS 6.0.1.


    I do not believe there is a more recent version.


    I have also tried search for a later version from the settings and it informed me that "Your software is up to date".

  • Simply Apple Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like you are running the latest software. Have your colleagues check and make sure they are running the same software version as you.


    The only thing I can suggest, is to follow on your own.


    If the above does still not solve your issue, get into touch with Applecare (1-800-my-apple) and let them know what you have already done. Apple still has maintained some of the best customer service around.

  • RussBird Level 1 Level 1

    All colleagues have the latest software. All had the latest version installed out of the box.


    I will go through this document at my house later. However.... this doesn't explain why the same issue exists at my place of work or any hotels I have visited this week.


    I have already contacted Apple, they suggested a reset and if that doesn't work go to a store (50 miles away) and see what a 'genius' says.


    My issue with that approach is that even if they give me a new handset as a replacement I would put alot of money on it that the same issues will exist......

  • RussBird Level 1 Level 1


    In the kitchen. White iPhone 4 = full signal. iPad 1 = full signal = iPhone 5 = NO SIGNAL.


    Dining Room.JPG

    In the dining room. Same as above.



    In the master bedroom. White iPhone 4 = Full signal. iPad 1 = No Signal. iPhone 5 = sinal BUT will not connect.


    Issue is... The iPhone 5 has worked in all of these rooms at some points. It just drops out ALL of the time. All other devices are connected 100% of the time with ZERO issues.


    I have followed the instructions in the link above and made 1 amendment to my router to only use AES security. Zero improvement.


    I have also conducted this same test on another iPhone 5 with the exact same results meaning this is not specifically limited to just my new iPhone 5...


    Anyone have any suggestions? Apple????

  • marshall2553 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem with two new iPhone 5's.  I have two iPhone 4's, a Macbook, an Apple TV, and a Wii that have full signal while the 5's in the same room have very low signal and drop back to cellular often.  This is with an Airport Extreme and WPA2 security.  I may run by the Apple store to see if I can get them replaced.

  • Ricky@ITSHK Level 1 Level 1

    I guess this is hardware issue, better contact Apple for test and replacement for all iphones. My iphone don't have signal problem, but it can't run on pure 802.11n network. My router is running 802.11bgn mode(you may try this).

  • Vinniee Level 1 Level 1

    Upgraded from an iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 yesterday, and also have this wi-fi issue. Where my 4S has normal signal strenght my iPhone 5 does not.


    Is it a hardware or software problem? If it's a hardware problem, then I must return the iPhone as soon as possible.


    I am connecting to a Apple Timemachine and have the latest software installed on both the Timemachine and iPhone.

  • RussBird Level 1 Level 1

    Somehow managed to get an appointment with a 'Genius' at an Apple store near London. The genius used my iPhone 5 to search for wi-fi signals and confirmed that it should be picking up alot more networks than what it detected.


    He then took the phone out the back to check the internal antenna and confirmed it was connected correctly. Then did another search and there was no improvement.


    Straight swap for a brand new iPhone 5.


    New iPhone 5 sat next to my old one and we simultaneously looke for wireless networks. Mine found 2. The new one found 6...


    Have since returned home and have full wi-fi connectivity in all rooms throughout the house (just like all other devices).


    Also updated the new phone with iOS 6.0.1 (as it was using 6.0 in the shop) and it still works perfectly.


    Overall = Hardware issue but it clearly isn't on all iPhone 5's.


    Excellent news and good customer service.

  • Vinniee Level 1 Level 1

    I bought mine from the online Apple store here in the Netherlands. I don't want to send it back and wait for a whole week or two to get a new one.


    Is it possible to swap it in an iCentre (not an official Apple store, but reseller)?


    I hope they can order a new one first before I have to swap it.

  • aponce Level 1 Level 1

    Just got back from the Apple Store with my third iPhone5 in a week.

    For what I read in these threads, there are 2 types of posts:


    1) Phones that connect fine but show a poor signal level. This is a software issue (it seems to be only on the signal measurement or reporting) that goes away with a hard reset.


    2) Phones with real connection issues (the phone won't connect showing an "Unable to connect" error even when the Network shows up on the list with significant signal, getting closer to the router makes the connection possible while moving away from it causes the connection to become painfully slow or non functional). This is probably a hardware problem (my theory is that the WiFi antenna breaks or gets physically disconnected as the problem also produces a larger than normal battery consumption) and it's only resolved by replacing the phone. Obtaining a phone change is easy if within a certain period of time from purchase (in Italy is 2 weeks but might be different in other countries) by going to the Apple Store with the original box with all the included accessories and the receipt. If more time has elapsed is going to be difficult to get it replaced as it has to be proven defective which is difficult to achieve in an Apple Store as the WiFi network is not encrypted and the signal level is very high.


    If you are in the second group, don't bother trying to find a fix, run to the Apple Store before it's too late.

  • graychia Level 1 Level 1

    I have been having wifi issues with my iphone 5 too and followed some of the suggestions in this forum but it didn't work out.

    Then I removed the back film protector of my phone and voila - my wifi signals are back and my 3G signal increased from 1 bar to 4 bars. It's just one of those regular plastic films with designs that we apply on the back of the phone. I had no idea it can affect the signal so much. I'm staying away from them indefinitely. Even the guy who sold them to me was surprised about this issue.

    So if you guys have one of those fancy casing or film protectors, it might be worth a try removing them...

  • lessthanphil Level 1 Level 1

    I had been having this issue too. On reading the last post I removed both the Cygnet casecandvthe plastic film protector from the phone. Behold. My wifi now works in all rooms in my house. Strength is still low, but it simply couldn't find the network at all previously

  • CPC Level 1 Level 1

    RussBird - did you ever get your problem resolved?  This is a common issue that's being discussed still on other threads.  Thanks.

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