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Since downloading iTunes 11 my iPod won't sync - any ideas?


Apple need to fix this.

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    So it doesn't appear in iTunes or in the Finder at all? What have you tried so far in terms of troubleshooting the issue?  With the Shuffle still connected to your Mac, have you tried resetting it?

    Resetting iPod shuffle



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    After downloading iTunes 11, it "sees" my ipod shuffle but when I click the ipod icon the icon disappears.


    When I run the diagnostics when I start iTunes it finds the iPod Shuffle and everything tests fine. Then if I click the ipod icon and it disappears, then the diagnostics fail as well.



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    Mine is doing the same. Itunes 11 is utter garbage. It's always crashing . My original ipod shuffle doesn't load properly. The other shuffle I have doesn't load properly. The interface is also appalling compared to the old version.


    I'm always logging on and off from itunes store when it decides to be stupid.


    Now itunes isn't even starting up!


    I think the whole usb mounted device subsystem is screwed up in Lion. It mangled the file system on a phone so that the phone wouldn't load pictures any more into iphoto. Now it won't load an ipod properly.


    When I plugged the shuffle in today it gave me some spurious error about the device not being unplugged properly. I just plugged it in you numb nuts machine. I *always* unmount them properly.

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    After completely restarting the machine and resetting the ipod software (which you have to start quickly as it disappears rapidly) it's staying connected  and I could actually copy a song to it.


    It's still very unreliable and temperamental compared to older itunes and older macosx. It's often a fight just to get it to do what it used to do without a load of fuss and cursing.

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    Hi all, sorry haven't checked replies but mine sorted itself out the next day automatically, no need to reset anything if anything, turn your system off and on again or make sure you have the latest iTunes.



    Good luck.

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    It has done it to me before. It's been awful since Itunes 11. I'm hoping resetting the shuffle software might just give it the kick needed as I think it reformats the shuffle and it certainly removes the old songs on it. It's just been really trouble some and itunes deciding not to start at all was the final straw in several straws of irritation with it

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    Mine is the same/. Is anyone from Apple responding to this?   I hate the new iTunes. I have seen how to go back but I think it will erase all my playlists. I don't trust this now.

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    Since downloading iTunes11  (after accidently hitting OK!) my iPod icon loads and then disappears. I cannot change what it is syncing and it has now made having my iPod useless as I need to change the music I use for my job.  So frustrating. I have spent considerable time trying to find a solution.


    Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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    (On Windows) I recently encountered the same problem.  When opening iTunes, the Shuffle (1st gen) would continuously mount and dismount.  What ultimately worked for me is to run the Windows error-checking utility on Shuffle with the "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" option selected.  I was then able to open iTunes and restore the iPod.  Note: It appears that if something goes wrong before you can restore, you will need to run the error-checking utility again before making another attempt.  Full instructions below:


    1. Connect iPod to computer
    2. Click the Start button and select "Computer"
    3. Right-click on your iPod
    4. Select "Properties"
    5. Navigate to the "Tools" tab,
    6. Under "Error-checking" click the "Check now..." button.
    7. A pop-up window will appear.  Click the check box for "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" (The check box for "Automatically fix file system errors" should already be selected).
    8. Click the "Start" button to run the utility.
    9. When finished, re-launch iTunes.  Select your iPod and then run the "Restore iPod" utility.
    10. If something goes wrong (iPod dismounts, can't run restore, etc.) repeat steps 2-9 to try again.


    It took me two tries before I was successful.

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    Same here - Two perfectly fine gen 2 shuffles are no longer ablt to sync.

    The ipod appears in itunes

    When I attempt to sync, it goes into a "waiting for ipod" loope

    Then I get a popup window saying that the ipod could not be found

    Then a message saying that the sync failed and to try again


    I've tried every trick I can think of… no reolution here either.


    Hey APPLE, what the ?

    I'm afraid to attempt to sync my iPod classic.