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    I'm getting nowhere restoring pre-11 (and 11 is just so bd I can't use it - too much missing and such a terrible interface).


    My problem is I use Airplay most of the time.  Any alternatves that support Airplay (under ML).

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    what have you tried so far?

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    jausenbox wrote:


    what have you tried so far?

    Looking on web sites for anything that mentions Airplay and no luck (e.g. Clementine, Miro, Audirvana, Decibel, Play (looks old), Songbird (tried before and don't like as everything I do is local)).

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    you should try the steps mentioned in this discussion before.

    delete itunes, reinstall 10.7 it and your airplay should work again.


    did they delete airplay in v11? i dont understand the problem with airplay. (i dont have it)

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    jausenbox wrote:


    you should try the steps mentioned in this discussion before.

    delete itunes, reinstall 10.7 it and your airplay should work again.


    did they delete airplay in v11? i dont understand the problem with airplay. (i dont have it)

    No, Airplay is still in 11.  It's just that 11 is terrible for me.  So much functionality removed (main issue is the mini Player).  So many anoyances and missing things I used that the last few days has driven me to start searching.


    I do have Airfoil but player->Airfoil->speakers seems a bit messy (but got to be better than v11).  Hence ideally looking for a player that has Airplay built-in.  Tried the steps in this thread to downgrade but so much stuff no longer plays and errors in logs, etc. - I have had to put 11 back to just get soething working.  (Getting your computer to play music should not be that hard these days - Apple is becomming something of a disappointment these days and I am wondering why I spent 3 times the momey on my rMBP rather than a Windows laptop now because that software edge seems to have been thrown away).

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    (Seems my problem is that Time Machine has had to trash quite a few backups (not surprising as I've recently switched to ML and then got 10.8.2 which after problems Apple told me to reset to 10.8.1, Apple then had 10.8.2 Update 2, then pulled 10.8.2 and now 10.8.2 is up again so several massive backups ...)


    Found a more "mainstream" link to iTunes 10.7 (don't know if Apple have decided to put it back given the reception of 11)

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    you are right, Apple is not going the good way ... come back Steeve

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    I simply used the method posted by Cthulhu but instead of stepts 5 and 6 in which you have to download and install iTunes, I simply restored it from Time Machine. God I'm so happy I finally shed 130 and bought a decent WD firewire 1tb hdd. Plenty of restore points for me

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    How do you connect your HD to your mac? is it connected per firewire all the time? or do you have a wifi backup programme (like time capsule, but different)?

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    This worked perfectly! Just had to replace iTunes 11 "iTunes Library.itl" with one of my previous libraries and everythings back to correct! I will definitely use Pacifist in the future for things! Thanks!




    thanks for your answer!


    i could solve it in another way! (but i think it basically was the same...)



    - erase v11 with terminal (i use mountain lion, had to use the sudo command)

    - download 10.7

    - download pacifist (shareware but free trial version)

    - doubleclick dmg

    - drag the "install itunes" to desktop

    - start pacifist and drag "install itunes" to it

    - start installing

    - press replace everytime youre asked if "duplicate, do nothing or erase"


    as fas as i could see it replaced those 5 framework files and some others but i dont know if theyre important to the integrity of itunes.


    anyways, it works normal. no more errors and my iphone connects as it should.


    thanks for your help!



    and im bloody mad at apple... how can you screw up so badly?

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    Yeah, sorry! Forgot about that

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    What a mess where they all drunk? Give me 10 back NOW. Did Apple hire some guys from the PC side for this debacle?

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    Thank You!


    Worked like a champion.  NO problems at all.


    I'm ging to wait until iTunes 12 to update to 11.  Maybe they will figure out what they are trying to do by then.


    Thanks Again!

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    I made the mistake of downloading the iTunes v11 and hated it as well. This post and thread helped me get my iTunes v10.7 back. Thank You to all involved!

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    I deeply regretted "upgrading" the iOS, and didn't see what was so great about Mac OS 10.8, given how many apps I had to give up.  I hated, hated, hated iTunes 11.  Thanks so very much for your in fo.  It took a lot of time to change back, but I am so relieved to have gone back to 10.7 I can't tell you.  I used to be an Apple evangelist, just shy of the kind who'd tell you you'd go to **** for running a PC with Windows, but no more.  Apple has lost something precious and essential.  If the only choice is Windows or Mac, sooner or later they'll drive us all to Linux, the way they're going.