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  • louK3000 Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree. They seem to have developed some sort of Windows envy.


    Steve's gone. Enter the mediocracy.


    Seriously, how long will they last post Jobs?

  • Itunes7 Level 1 Level 1

    Best way to revert back is : save your music to a new file, not in the itunes file. uninstall itunes 11, delete all itunes librarys, install  itunes 10.7 then add music from new file to your new itunes 10.7

  • tsutami Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for posting this response. I tried a few things based on other forums but kept getting the error message. This totally fixed things back to normal. I did replace the itune library file with a previous version. What a relief!

  • VolManBill Level 1 Level 1

    Here is an easy to follow video on the downgrade process:



    EDIT: Sorry, this is for Windows.

  • macasterix Level 1 Level 1

    Jausenbox´s workaround is the easiest way i think..

    I did it in the same way here on 3 MP... works perfect.


    Back with the good old Itunes and disabled any Itunes updates, till

    this peace of sh**** the Dev´s made is corrected

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    I had the -42408 error as well. This is a problem when trying to go back from 11 to 10 through TIme Machine or the overwriting of any files. iTunes 11 bakes itself hard core into the system and it's a horrible mess trying to get rid of it. Another key problem is that in some cases trying to downgrade will deuthorize your iPhone/iPod/iPad from iTunes, whichw will demand you format and reload the iOS system and sadly update you to iOS 6. I am avoiding iOS 6 like the plague and it took me a few days to go around this.


    This guy seems to have come up with the magic method to downgrade back to 10.7 :




  • Trinity Level 4 Level 4

    Thanks to all you guys for the help. Me too I hate the new interface but today iTunes 11 has messed up my music library by downloading duplicated copies of many albums from iCloud and not allowing me to delete them. I decided to downgrade by myself but I got also the -42408. Using Pacifist to reinstall iTunes 10 everything is now in place and I can manage my music easily again.

  • Funny Monkey Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for me as well!  Cheers, Pehtis!!!

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    This thread seems to have all the answers for downgrading itunes 11 to 10.7. After trying for days and almost giving up on downgrading, I found the answer here. Following the instructions of Cthulhu I was successful in downgrading and clearing up the error 42408 and 4002. But now, a week after the downgrade, I just realized that the calendar on my iphone 3GS does not sync with the calendar on my MBPro running Snow Leopard. I've tried many things, but nothing works. The other apps sync well - contacts, notes, apps, etc, all fine except calendar. Anybody seen this issue, and does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Cthulhu Level 1 Level 1

    As I understand it, Apple is deprecating sync services as of Mountain Lion. It is working for me, though only sporadically. When it does work, I get CPU spikes of about 200% for about 30 mins, and I have found the only way to get a good sync is to just suffer through the fan noise and slowdown until it is finished. I have not yet nailed down the pattern of what I need to do to make them sync. Here's the rub, though: everything works great if you move your entire life to iCloud. Because of some limitations at work, I can't do that. Although there are oddities when I create events on my iPhone, my personal stuff in iCloud syncs fine, just not with iTunes, and the downgrade did not solve that for me.

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    Cthulhu, thanks for your reply. I checked my CPU activity, etc. It doesn't show any abnormality when I am trying to sync my iphone. I am running Snow Leopard, 10.6.8. The calendar sync has not worked for me even once after I downgraded itunes 11 to 10.7.

    This is very frustrating. I am seriously investigating moving to the Google platform for my next generation of PC and mobile devices! Does anybody know of a good itunes replacement application?

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    Just need to chime in also. iTunes 11 is so bad. It's ironic: I'm running iTunes 11 on one computer running 10.6.8, and the other two computers are running 10.7.x but iTunes 10--and I PINE for iTunes 10. 11 is so counter-intuitive. If I add an mp3 to iTunes from the finder, it's next to impossible to find it again without doing a search--and even when I "find" it in iTunes, it doesn't appear in the body of the app--just in the found window.


    If there are any developers lurking here watching our frustration--take note! Adding a lot of Helvetica Neue and a weird, "graphical" sort doesn't make for a better app. You guys wrecked it.


    Perhaps it's time for Amazon to come out with a decent cross platform music/media sorting app for their cloud services. It's most definitely time for Apple to step up to the plate and not mess up the House of Jobs.


    That is all...

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    I've got a slightly different question, but still related to the 10 vs. 11 issue:


    I just got a new MBPro 13-inched with Mt Lion, and, when I opened iTunes for the first time, I was prompted to download updates.... several including iTunes 11 Safari, etc. I have not yet restarted my computer to complete the installation, and after reading all the comments and work-arounds, I'd like to keep iTunes 10.


    How do I keep the updates from installing? Or--- how do I keep the iT 11 from installing, but allow the others? I don't mind leaving the laptop on, but not forever....if I restart it, all the updates will install....


    Thanks in advance for any help.


    BTW-- I'm not a high-knowledge-level too much technical talk zooms right past me...

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    I think I just found a solution to my own situation.... in the window showing the avilable downloads, I clicked on "More..."

    That opened up a list of all the updates, and I selected each one *except* iTunes 11.


    Restarted my computer, and all is well in iTunes 10...


    Thanks anyway....

  • verbcrunch Level 1 Level 1

    Quick tip for anyone downgrading:   If you've added music or made changes in iTunes 11, when you "downgrade" make a playlist of any added or changed songs, and export it.

    When you get iTunes 10.7 running again, import that playlist, and all your new songs will appear, along with comments, ratings, and artwork.