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Hi all! I'll go straight to the point(s)!

I have purchased a week ago the MacMini late 2012 (QuadCore) and so far I have encountered the following issues.

  1. Screen. The monitor turns black every now and then, for a bout a second or two. After that everything goes back to normal. (I've read that I am not the only one experiencing this issue)
  2. Screen. At a User Logout the monitor turns grey with weird lines for a few secs till the LogIn screen appears like nothing happened. (Again, I've read that I am not the only one experiencing this issue)
  3. Updating. The mini came with Mountain Lion 10.8.1. AppStore pops up, tells me to update to 10.8.2 but when I try to do so an error shows up telling me I cannot...I believe it was a bug fixed by Apple just yesterday night. This is only one of the many threads I've found on this forum about this matter. Link -SOLVED- !?
  4. iSync. Nooo! iSync is goneeee! What am I supposed to do with my indestructible Nokia E72? This solution is not working! LINK! I can restore isync, but it wot recognize my phone and Installing the PlugIn is not possible on Lion!
  5. Compatibility. Logitech Quickcam Messenger. Only the mic is working. I tried MACAM as suggested in this post, not a chance. Lets say this is SOLVED as it is a fairly old and not officially supported web cam. But still it ads up to the list...
  6. Compatibility. Samsung SCX-4200. I bought this printer as it was declared to be working straight out of the box with OSX, 7ven... (and did on snow leopard! till the MacMini). Found the drivers today, hopefully they'll work.
  7. Compatibility. SyncMaster TA550. Excellent Tv-Monitor! Always worked like a charm, with any OS (and I have used many!). Guess what?! Had to look for help in this forum only to get it work. LINK!

Especially this last issue concerns me alot as it seems I cannot get the monitor to work correclty. For that matter I am also posting some images so that i can show you how it looks! (I am not sure posting pics is a good idea..dunno if it will show) Any HInts?Schermata 2012-11-30 alle 15.19.46.png


In the end this is an excellent computer, and I am very happy with it! The point is that with my previous mac i was extremely happy, never had One Single Problem! And all of this issues that came out on the very first day have puzzled me!

Thank you for your time!

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)