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after all ive gone through with it in just a days time of actually being able to use, its stolen,but luckily I got it bac,\k, but then unlucky its disabled when i get it back. didnt have a computer i could downlaod itunes on and connect to my ipod via usb cable. Finally, my friend brings me her laptop computer and I download the app. yesss. then i connect ipod.  nothing happened at first. still said ipod disabled connect to itunes on display. then after i exited out of the various windows i  opened to get it to its current position. bam, out of no where it sends out a notification sound and its showing itunes logo with a usb cable beneath it arrow in midst of the two pointing to i tunes. wallah itunes shows ipod touch on left and displays downlaod process after i answered various  questions to allow it to downlaod updates and restore my ipod. . i was excited and relieved needless to say... why am I here now though, with what seems to  be the same problem. you see it downloads a part of the file then about 20 mins into it or less than 25% through, i hear a beep sound from my ipod again. no it wasn"t finished with download as i had eexpected it to say but instead it said itunes was unable to access my ipods files cause my ipod had a password protection on it and that i needed to enter that password on my ipod first in order for the itunes app be able to access it.!!!  HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANYBODY SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS.  I HAVE TO  CONNECT TO  ITUNES TO  REENABLE IT BUT WHEN I DO THAT, I CAN DO IT TIL I ENTER MY PASSWORD ON IPOD FIRST , WHICH CANT ACCESS PASSWORD OVERRIDE SCREEN UNTIL ITS CONNECTED TO ITUNES.  BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH. SOMEBODY PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP BEFORE MY FRIEND COMES FOR HER LAPTOP BACK.. ANY HELP WHATSOEVER PLEASE .     THANKS A BUNCH FOR AT LEAST TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS IF NOTHING AT ALL  COMES OF IT. I APPRECIATE IT NONE THE LESS.  THANKS  


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iPod touch, iOS 4, not sure of os but its a 4th GEN