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Since there's no Advanced tab in iTunes 11, I can't figure out how to join audiobook tracks into one.  I am trying to add an audiobook to iTunes so I can transfer it to my iPod. For instance, each Disc has 10 different tracks.  I used to be able to click on the Advanced tab and then click Join and the tracks would be combined into one.  I don't see any option for doing that now.  Thanks for any help.

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    Just found the answer on another thread.  Answer was from j5Garcia:


    You have to select the tracks to join then go to options I have been joining tracks with no issues. It took me a bit to figure out but I find it easier to join tracks than before since its right on the screen and you no longer have to go to the the toolbar.

    If i could figure out how to take a screen shot I would post it.



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    Here it is, easy step by Step instructions (for a windows pc-there may be variations with a MAC).  Place CD into your drive, it should pop up in a itunes window. DO NOT CLICK ADD just say no (might as well check the box that says do not show this again).    Before going further you should name the tracks and the CD as disc number X out of Y number of discs in the audiobook.  Easy to do- hit CD info (top right and name the tracks and insert cd 1 out of however many discs you have in the book) that will make you life easier.  Once they have all been named  highligh any chapter. Than hit "Control A" this will highlight all the tracks on the CD. on the top right under options hit the bottom one which is join tracks. a thin line will run down next to the name of the track. than hit import CD. hit OK and you are good to go. Good luck.

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    Where is "options" on iTunes 11?

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    Found it and thought I'd share in case anyone else was looking...


    Right click highlighted tracks and select Get Info.

    • Info tab: Complete Artist and Album fields. I found that by selecting Album it is one file but selecting Artist it is divided by discs.
    • Options tab: Change media kind and the following fields to yes.


    Thanks CharlieG101, that is a great recommendation for furture books!

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    See also Audiobooks on iPods.



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    Thank you, this worked for me after days of research!