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I know there is no universal answer, but what is the best video format to deliver HD video

to a broadcast newsroom.  Right now I am looking at MPeg2 and H.264 options.


With soo many video formats and codecs in use, I am trying to get an idea of

what are the most commenly used formats in the newsroom.


My goal is to select the most universal format so the video

does not have to be transcoded.


It would be great to get responses....especially from Broadcast Engineers, IT experts or

System Intergrators.


I am especially looking for input from Station Groups people.



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  • Russ H Level 7 Level 7

    My experience has been mostly MPEG Program Stream for local stations. If others don't chime in here, I suggest you post this in the more widely visited FC Studio forum to give your question greater exposure.


    Good luck.



  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6

    You really need to ask them at the station. Especially if it's something special that they want to run.


    (As for me...

    When I send in news items in to our local station(s). I send the video to YouTube and they run with that... easier on me... faster for them to get... and they don't care that it came from YouTube. I just put a comment in the comment box that gives them the ok to use it. I also send an email to them that states that they can use the video.


    I bet I have had over 50 videos aired... I get '15 seconds' of fame. And that's the one reason I don't kill myself sending them videos.)