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  • tasfromwi Level 1 Level 1

    I just upgraded to new version of iTunes from previous version.  I'm still having the same problem.  When I open iTunes, it shuts down.  I have to reopen it to make it work.  With this new version I have to now do it twice, or three times before it works properly.  Is any one else having this problem?  Are they working on a fix?

  • fatback74 Level 1 Level 1

    5. Can't join CD tracks anymore!


    1-1. Looks like you have to sync the whole playlist in stead of just adding the one song to the playlist on the ipod/iphone.

    Which means having to remove all the songs from my old ipod and replacing evrerything from my Library.

    I don't want my whole Library on my old 30GB ipod. Just wanna be able to put what I want on there.

  • stephiern Level 1 Level 1

    1.  Lost music

    2.  Lost Playlists

    3. Can't view duplicates as a list, and have to go through and delete them manually (15000 songs in my case)

  • stephiern Level 1 Level 1

    Also some podcasts are missing.


  • MacForumUserName Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Apple Nube here - Several issues that I would really appreciate assistance with that I have to think are problems, since the solutions are not intuitive:

    1. View/Column Browser is greyed-out and inaccessible (albums are listed in alpha order by artist, but only visible as cover thumbs - no column view)

    2. Tracks within an album are listed in a random order and I can't figure out how to change the order


    Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  • riedstar Level 1 Level 1

    Streaming to ATV2, which was working perfectly before, is breaking every 120sec.

    COntroling iTunes by updated Remote app on iPad isn't working anymore.

    WHat a Bull...

  • touchme69 Level 1 Level 1

    sync problems galore. try and add new albums to a playlist and it wont sync over. try and sync that new podcast and it wont sync over. itjust runs through the steps but nothing new is added! fix this mess

  • wz-74 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having this same problem with movies/shows sorting.  When I edit them, they are unplayable.  I can't add them to my iTunes library, even though I have the file.


    Any solutions yet? or work arounds?

  • Muggyl Level 1 Level 1

    Itunes 11 ***** please give us option to go back to previous itune.HELP

  • Cluto Level 1 Level 1

    itunes 11 is a POS.    


    On the APPS page, after scrolling to the bottom, I have VLC, Terra browser, etc. I click on VLC player to add movies but both the left and right inner scroll windows will not scroll. They just bounce and do not move up or down at all. Thus, unable to add movies or delete them unless they happen to be in the window to begin with.


    My love for Apple wanes daily. For someone who has been a loyal user since the Apple IIe, I find that quality of products is dropping rapidly. Had to return an iPad 2 for a dead home button after a week. iPad 3 has a blown speaker after 5 months. Airport Express worked one day, dead the next. 3 months old. Software is always buggy when coming out, like iTunes.

    Disappointed to say the least.

  • magphil Level 1 Level 1

    1) Inability to access composer except in the useless list view.


    2) List view without album separator or possibility to display the cover art.


    --> all this make in impractical to use for classical music. Thanks god I did not upgrade but simply tested it on a second computer.

  • howardj_13 Level 1 Level 1

    Yesterday I received a message on my MacBook Pro that the newest version of iTunes 11 needed to be installed. I went through it and it has been nothing but issues since. After the install I could not get it to sync with my phone. After much searching on-line, I did a complete system and iPhone reboot. Then performed a sync, and the computer indicated that it synced fine. This morning I get into my car to drive to work, tried to turn on my phone to play music in the car, and EVERYTHING is gone from my iTunes library on my phone except for ONE SONG. ***?


    Yes, I checked everything on the computer after the install to insure my music was there. Yes, I have backup versions. But I don't do backups to prevent this type of stupidity. And I didn't think that I needed to check my phone (and every single app in it) to make sure the upgrade had not wiped my phone clean of things. In particular my iTunes library. I also looked closely at the sync settings to insure that nothing had changed as I sync with both my Mac and a P/C (for calendars and outlook contacts)


    If history is any precedent it appears to me that Apple has decided to go down the Microsoft route of "don't get it right, just get it out". Short of that I am losing faith in their products and their upgrades in particular. They are becoming MORE bug infused than ever. Mountain Lion was a disaster, Final Cut Pro X literally froze me out and required tech support to get it running again and they had no idea why it was trashed.


    If I get home and find my MacBook Pro has for some strange reason now lost all of my music, it will be even more conclusive that this is the path they have now taken.

  • susanfromaurora Level 1 Level 1

    Did you get a message after installing that said all of your songs were unchecked and may not synch properly? I did, and that's exactly what happened to me. My library is intact but none of the songs have checkmarks next to them. When I go through and check EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE THOUSAND OR SO SONGS INDIVIDUALLY I expect they will all synch. I have only done a few so far and it worked.

  • howardj_13 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the response. I did NOT get that message, but I will check it out when I get home. You should be able to use a keyboard shortcut to "check all" the songs at once if there is no other way. I believe on the Mac you click the very first song, then scroll to the bottom and hold down "Option and Shift" at the same time then select the bottom song. That should then check all songs in between.

  • aquadogusa Level 1 Level 1

    1. Album cover gone from the bottom left corner.  This is the worst decision ever.


    2. One shuffle button.  Shuffle one playlist, shuffle all.  Including the main library.  WTH.


    3. After I scroll through a playlist and move on to another one, when I come back to the first one, the position is reset to the original (top).

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