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  • AuldGit Level 1 Level 1

    I agree.  The nerd who put it together was an aesthetic moron.  Why did they get rid of cover flow.  Now its just a tunes list with artwork too small to appreciate. 


    Is it possible to de-install itunes 11 and go back to10?

  • scottfromellis Level 1 Level 1

    My machine is running Windows 7 Pro (32-bit).


    Add to the list:

    • Music skipping still present (first noticed in iTunes 10.7)
    • Doesn't 'remember' maximized state when restoring from system tray


    I haven't encountered any syncing issues, but I've only synced once since updating.


    I don't care for the tighter icloud integration.  I don't want (and will NEVER put) my music in the stupid cloud.


    @AuldGit -

    You can go back to 10.  You just need the install image.  I already have.  I gave 11 a chance.  I installed and used it for 3 or 4 days, but the music skipping is a killer for me.


    Despite the fewer view customization options, I actually like the new look, but alas, I went back to version 10.6.3 (last 'stable' version, imho).

  • kparsons61 Level 1 Level 1

    In laymans terms it bites, period.


    Rollback to 10.7!


    Written by high school dropouts!

  • Roddenberry Level 1 Level 1

    Hate the new layout for podcasts, it's the only thing I really use, most my music is on other devices and that's fine but the layout was perfect for my use before and now it's abysmal for my needs.

  • KevinGibbons Level 1 Level 1

    Is anybody else having this problem?

    I downloaded iTunes 11 and when it finished all my songs were still on my iTunes but the names didnt appear on the list I had to click on them to see what song they were, this is very annoying. This is what it looks like, if anybody has any solutions they will be much appreciated thanks

  • StormyMinnieDaisy Level 1 Level 1

    To stomponfrogs:  After playing around with it, I figured out an awkward, round-about way to get it to fit my screen!  After initially opening iTunes, reduce it down to the taskbar (by clicking on the - button at top right), then click on it to open back up.  Voila!  It fits and I can see the number of songs, etc. in the status bar.  Sometimes I have to add the step of clicking on the maximize button (or right click, maximize).  Crazy! 

  • StevenBrs Level 1 Level 1

    I used to sync part of my music library with my iPhone by:

    - Creating a playlist containing ALL my music

    - Shuffling that playlist

    - Selecting the top 10GB of the list

    - Dropping it on a 2nd playlist that is synced with my phone


    That way I could randomize the music on my phone, and replace it from time to time with other music.

    (iPhone = 16GB, library = 100GB)


    Anyone has an idea how I can accomplish something like that in iTunes 11 ?



  • StormyMinnieDaisy Level 1 Level 1

    To StevenBrs:  One way to do something like this is to tell itunes to fill in any unused space with music.  I can not plug in my device right now, but I think when you plug it in and click on the "music" tab it will ask you what you want to sync.  You have probably already chosen your playlist, but there is a box you can check that says something like "fill free space with songs".  Hope this helps!

  • StevenBrs Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Daisy, thanks for your answer. I saw that option, but I want to keep some space clear for pictures and stuff...


    I found another possibility, that is even better than what I was doing before:

    Create smart playlist, just set limit to xxGB, and use that playlist to sync.


    Refreshing the "randomness" is somewhat contra-intuitive

    If I select all songs on the playlist and delete them, the list is immediately re-populated.


    If I only found that solution before posting here ;-)

    But then I wouldn't have shared this info here...

  • kfromel centro Level 1 Level 1

    Can not drag and drop playlist from itunes to iphone.

  • I_like_music Level 1 Level 1

    Going to add my voice to the cachophany here.  iTunes 11 *****!  Much less intuitive to navigate than previous versions.  Why make a big change?  Were people complaining?

    1) It no longer seems to count plays.

    2) It no longer updates most recently played date and time.  At least not consistentliy.


    I use 1 and 2 to create random smart play list to avoid frequent repeats.


    Is there a way to backtrack to the previous version?

  • srellim234 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a couple of other problems. I could live with the new album display instead of CoverFlow if the view updated automatically. It is totally absurd to expect the user to get off exercise equipment, interrupt a party with guests, etc. to walk over to the computer and hit "Go to current song" every time the track or album changes. That view should automatically update.


    Another problem I have is with the Visualizer. To see what the full screen mode looked like I tried it. Now there is no way to return to the view with the song track on the top of the page with the menu taskbar and Visualizer below it. The full screen version persists and the "Full Screen" button is greyed out. Cmd+F doesn't work, either. Closing and reopening the program, repairing and/or trying a new load of the program doesn't fix it.

  • octave8 Level 1 Level 1

    'inability to put Column Browser on left.'


    Exactly. It's called column browser for a reason. Hope some genius at Apple comprehends this complaint and fixes it soon. Version 11 is unusable by me because of this problem.

  • borishnakov Level 1 Level 1

    - Inability to place column browser on the left. Stupid, stupid, stupid decision to get rid of one of the best features.


    "Artists" view:


    - when giving a track a star rating, the corresponding track number in the next album is also rated. ***?


    - inability to right click > delete an album, short of manually selecting all tracks


    - inability to select multiple albums by an artist to edit a field, such as genre. Der.


    - play arrow beside tracks isn't a play/puse button at all, rather, it is a start over button of sorts.


    - WAY too many redundacies with track control buttons, and they are a scattered, infuriorating mess all over the screen. I really hate this one.

  • MB@apple Level 1 Level 1

    These are all valid statements, and though there may not be a direct answer from Apple as to why they have made these changes, there is always a source to let them know how you feel about it.  Visit; believe me, they check this very frequently to get suggestions on features, as well as seeing what issues/ features are effecting their customers the most, both positive and negative.  Apple in the past has made changes/ added features in response to customers making requests from this link directly.  If you truly want your voice heard, using this site is the best way to go, unless you are not opposed to being a little old-fashioned and mailing a letter to the headquarters in California.

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