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I have an iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1 I want to copy (sync) all the events on my iPhone's calendar to my Google calendar. So far, all I have been able to do is sync the Google Calendar (via my gmail account) to the iPhone as a separate set of calendar entries.


I do not use iCal, so it is not possible to sync with that and export the entries to the Google Calendar.


Is my only option to manually copy all entries in my the default iPhone calendar to my Google Calendar, then sync back to the iPhone?

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    It sounds like your trying to sync events that were stored on your iphone before you setup google sync..!!

    If this is the case these events won't get copied to your google calendar..!!

    To copy these to google you have to sync to outlook (for windows user) or iCal (for mac user) through iTunes and then export the calendar into .ics format for importing in to google calendar..!!

    As for events added post google sync setup not syncing there have been many people with this problem and i'm not sure why this happens..!!
    You could try deleting the google sync profile from your iphone and adding it again...!!
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    Unfortunately I do not think I have Outlook. (I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium). When I look in iTunes, I am not given the option to sync my calendar with anything . ("No supported calendar application can be found")