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So I have been using the garageband instruments, and then recording voice over them. But my problem is that even when I mute the instruments to just play with the voice, the instruments are recorded (linked) with the voice. When I look closer at the audio waveforms on the voice I see that there are two wave forms for the voice and instruments, but I dont understand why it would do that... I mean what use would that ever have if you already have separate tracks for everything? seems like a strange default...


Anyway, is their an option to just record your voice alone, while listening to the beats you've made? I have some voice stuff I'd really rather not do over so I was wondering if their is a way to un-link this. I feel like their is a simple solution but I cant figure it out, so thatnks to anyone that can help a pikachu out.


ALSO I am using headphones, a Berringer USB audio interface and a sm-58 mic. So its not just me being dumb and recording my voice with the instuments in the background.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Just to be clear on the concept of multi-track recording.


    You can draw car and bicycle on one painting and hang it on the wall. If you want to give the drawing of the car to a friend and keep the the drawing of the bicycle to yourself - you cannot do that, they are on the same picture.

    However, if you have painted the car on a separate painting and the bicycle on a separate painting, then you can give the car painting away and keep the bicycle.


    Same thing with MULTI-track


    You have to record your instruments and vocals on "separate" tracks. As you said, you are aware of the different signals with your USB interface. The next step is to figure out the proper "routing", which means how to direct the different signals to different tracks.


    Another question, do you use MultiTrack Mode when you are recording and enabling separate tracks?





    Hope that helps



    Edgar Rothermich



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    I figured it out, well you helped too ;p, but I realized that on my audio interface I had selected the wrong option. Its too bad I cant cut the painting in half and glue them to new canvas' though....



    thanks alot for the quick response!!!