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Have an iMac G5, bought in mid 2006. Local Apple store says no further upgrade possible. Doesn't Apple take trade-ins toward a new computer? Stuck with it? Unfair! Can't upgrade browser, etc. Can't add new graphics software, etc. What do I do with it?????

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,689 points)

    I mean you have had it for 6 years which in the technology world is eons so what do you expect.


    No the only thing is that Apple may give you a recycle credit on it but it will not be much.


    Sell it there are people that are interested in older hardware.



  • singingdiva Level 1 (0 points)

    What do I expect?? Apple to be more accommodating! They make a great computer, but they need to have better deals. What happens if I buy another one? Stuck with that one too? Besides who would REALLY want to buy this one, since you say, 6 years is "eons?" Things need to change! People buy cars and they can be traded in toward newer ones. Why can't computers be traded in? For example, Apple, and other computer companies, need to set things up with local computer stores, where this would be possible. They do call themselves "show rooms," after all. It's ridiculous to pay good money for a computer of ANY kind, and have it become obsolete in such a short amount of time and no REAL means of upgrading, once you've done everything possible. In such an age, where technology runs EVERYTHING now, this process NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED!

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    Yes Dear.


    Has it stopped doing what you originally purchased it to do?


    What does it not do that you need it to do, repeat need.


    Mine continues to work perfectly.

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    It has been noted that whenever someone asks the question "Why don't they...?" the answer is always "Money."


    If your expectations of the computer have changed so that it no longer meets your needs, sell it and buy a new one.


    If you don't like the way the process works, start your own computer recycling/repurchase business. I'll be interested in seeing how quickly you go broke. Or do you just want someone else to do it so you can reap the benefit?

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    To "Laundry Bleach:" What is with the rude attitude? Don't answer my questions anymore. I don't need your rude attitude. I need sound advice.:

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    The way you ask your questions with your attitude is just asking for such a reply.


    So a better attitude on your part will probably prevent you from getting such replies.


    Just something to keep in mind if you don't like them.


    Another hint don't tell someone not to answer your questions, it generally leads to more replies rather then less.



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    Apples are not upgradeable except for adding additional RAM and upgrading the OS-up to a point.  Everything else, i.e., video cards, etc. are not upgradable and have never been since I bought my first one during the late 90s.  This is well known.  Apple doesn't take trade ins but I'm not sure of the Windows computers.  I believe, but not sure, Apple did take computers, at one time, for salvaging by other companies.  Again, I'm not sure about this. If you want an upgradable Apple, buy the pro and then you can add acceptable video cards, HDs, etc.  Or, make a Windows machine.  Other then that buy a new one.

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    Allan, I don't need YOUR attitude either...

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    Klaus1 - my G5 does not have the Intel Processor. I wonder if that is why I can no longer update my browser, etc. What do you think?


    P.S. Thank you for being helpful. I do appreciate it.

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    A G5 running Leopard can use Safari up to version 5.0.6 and no further.

  • John Galt Level 8 (45,936 points)

    All your questions have been answered singingdiva


    Doesn't Apple take trade-ins toward a new computer?



    Stuck with it?


    As much as anything else.


    Can't upgrade browser, etc. Can't add new graphics software, etc


    Software improvements require hardware improvements. It's been that way since the ENIAC.






    What do I do with it?????




    This forum is for technical support questions and answers. Mark one of yours "solved" and move on.

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    NOT solved...

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    What about Firefox?

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