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I just purchased a 2012 mac mini running osx 10.8.2.  I want to mount my old linux hard drive on it because this is where all of my data is stored.  Is this possible? if so how?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    What format is it in? Macs can read a lot, why don't you try it?

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    I'm trying it now, After plugging in I get this message:


    "The distk you inserted was not readable by this computer."


    Followed by three options:






    I try "Initialize..."


    The Disk Utility opens.


    The disk in question is listed on the disk utility as:


    500.11 GB Generic USB Disk Media


    -SMART Status is "not supported" (whatever that means)


    The disk has 2 "disks" below it, both are light grey, which I take it means something to the tune of "not mountable."


    One is called "disk1s1" and contains 497.05 GB.  The other is called "Linux Swap."  This contains 3.05 GB.  Selecting either of this and clicing the "mount" button in the Disk Utility does nothing, they continue to list "Not Mounted" as their "Mount Point."


    Is it possible to mount this Linux HD?

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    I guess you want to first copy the files on the disk to a safe place, e.g. your Linux machines HDD or so. Then format the disk with the Mac in Disk Utility in a format which the Linux machine can read and write (ExFAT, I bet). Copy the files back onto it, then connect with the Mac again.

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    This article gives various methods to access Linux filesystems

    on OSX:

    http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-57457850-263/how-to-manage-ext2-ext3-disks- in-os-x/


    One thing about the virtual machine approach mentionned in this

    article  is that you could boot the old Linux OS along side OSX,

    if that is of any interest.