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I used to be able to change a song's rating via the Remote App. With the 3.0 Remote App upgrade, this capability seems to have been lost on the iPod Touch platform, but is still available from the iPad. Am I missing something???

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1
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    I noticed the same thing and I've yet to find a way to do this in the new version. Hopefully someone has an answer but it wouldn't surprise me if that functionality has been removed. Apple has done it before.

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    I should also note I am on a iPhone. My iPad also still has the rating option.

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    I have found a solution that lets you downgrade to the previous version of the remote app :-)

    Tested and it works: -


    When apps are updated through iTunes, tiny .ipa files are sent to the computer’s Trash or Recycle Bin. As apps are updated, the previous version’s files are sent here for deletion. Instead of deleting these, drag them to your desktop.

    To restore an app to its older version, open up iTunes and look at your Apps list. Find the app in question and delete it. Next, drag the correct version file from the desktop into the Apps Library in iTunes.

    Next, Delete the app from your iphone

    Finally, sync your device. The app is now restored to a previous version.

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    Unfortunately, you don't get upNext (the partial substitute for iTunes DJ) if you downgrade...

    So, you can either have ratings (with the old version) *or* the ability to manipulate your playlists (with the new version).



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    Actually iTunes DJ works very similarly to Up Next but in a more limited scope ( I think ). iTunes DJ is available in the old version.

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    Seems like there is also some unrest over other missing features, like the ability to vote for songs played by the iTunes DJ.


    Maybe Apple was just under pressure to make this major release and will add these features back in a future version.


    On the plus side, I find 3.0 to be much faster, and I like the ability to edit the Up Next queue for any playlist. Before, you had to go into iTunes to set the DJ playlist to have that capability.

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    I'm also having the same problem on my iPhone. I used to use ratings in the Remote App all the time, as I use AirPort Express devices throughput my house, and am rarely in front of iTunes to rate music myself.


    Can Apple comment on when they will be bringing this feature back?

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    I find removing the rating feature from the latest update of Remote app utterly disappointing. It proves there are still people lacking imagination at Apple (no offense to those who makt things usually brilliant) Come on Apple stop making one step ahead followed by two steps back. Just bring this essential feature back to the app.

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    Noticed the same thing in version 3.0 of the app on an iPhone.  Please bring this feature back!!  Rating songs from the remote app is a great way to gradually add ratings to the library ... my use case: play a bunch of stuff on random, or from smart playlists, then from elsewhere in the house, tap the ratings when you stumble upon a great (or bad) song.

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    I use it the same way.  Also to add tracks from the same album when I good song comes on.  Haven't found an easy way to view tracks of the currently playing album.  (I will note that viewing the tracks of the "now playing" album in the old version of Remote used to take an extraordinarily long time to load.)

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    I agree, the ability to rate songs on the fly from the Remote app was probably my favorite and most-used feature. A real disappointment to lose it. Bring it back!

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    It's itunes 11 not the IOS app. I used the new remote app to login to an tunes 10 library running on another computer and the ability to rate songs is there. It has something to do with the 'play next' function in itunes 11. So now we hope it's just a bug in itunes 11. :-(

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    I also rate my songs on the fly via the Remote app.  I had to delete remote 3.0 and re-install remote 2.4 from my back-up.  Apple, please bring this feature back to Remote 3 !!

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    Same here ... I used the ratings in the old remote app.  Apple, please bring it back (I don't have an old copy of the remote app to back up to ... but I hate doing that anyway ... just bring back the functionality!)

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