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The short version: I want to add movies to my Movies category, not Home Videos, but iTunes 11 keeps forcing it on me. How do I change that?



The long version: Perhaps the most worthless addition in iTunes 11 (which I love) is Home Videos, and it's starting to cause me all sorts of headaches.


I frequently import my own movie files into iTunes, but these are my personal copies of films and are not Home Videos.


I have my iTunes folder placed on a separate AirDrive, everything is in perfect order. Before, I would just drag the file from my desktop into the iTunes window and it would copy the file over to the harddrive and place it in the Movies folder in the schema and in my visual library, all the while adding the convenent "Not Watched" blue button.


This was perfect. This is the expected result. This is what I want.


Now, I have tried everything to get the same result in iTunes 11 and to no avail. I have tried:


  • Dragging the file from my desktop to iTunes. Result: It gets copied into the Home Videos folder with no way to change it or move it.
  • Moving the file to the AirDrive-born iTunes folder schema myself and then dragging it into iTunes. Result: The file stays in the schema but shows up in the Home Videos portion of iTunes 11... you've got to be kidding me.
  • Then I tried moving the file to the AirDrive-born iTunes Movies folder schema myself, closing down iTunes, then reopening and trying to have it scan my library files to add it to Movies. Result: Absolutely nothing.


Someone has to know how to fix this travesty. Any suggestions?


One last comment: Home Videos? Seriously guys? The worst waste of development time and money I've ever heard of.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iTunes 11
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