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  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    I see.  Let iTunes manage your files and only edit from within iTunes.  That's the more secure way to ensure your library to be healty.  For exemple, simply renaming an artist name within iTunes will modify the folder name accordingly for the files structures.  Doing it the other way would results in a broken link in iTunes.

  • rmac442 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the heads up, I had the same problem. I like the "Home Videos" tab, but don't like the fact that iTunes places my personal movies directly into Home Videos without the option up front. Thanks again for the easy fix.

  • S_Kaan Level 1 (5 points)

    I have a related problem. I actually want my home videos to sit in home videos however, now there's an "Unknown Genre" showing up in my Movies. I could edit the home videos genre as "Home Videos" but I would prefer that these videos not show up at all under the Movies tab... you know since there is a dedicated tab for Home Videos.

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Hi S_Kaan,


    You are mixing Genre and Media Kind.


    Genre is for organizing your movies like Drama or Actions and so on.  Genre is in the Info tab of the get info.


    Media Kind, which you'll find in the Options tab is to specify which kind of media the file is; it can be a Music Video, Movie or Home Movie.  Media kind is a predefine list of value that will actually move the media from one category to another.

  • S_Kaan Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks SeaBeast. I understand the difference. My Home Videos are already set as kind: Home Videos. The genre/category is left blank. Therefore, an Unknown Genre shows in my list of movies.

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Then, simply add a relevant Genre.  You can add any like you want like Short Film, Family or anything you would like.

  • virgil-Lynwood Level 1 (10 points)

    YES!... This works for me .
    After searching a lot using software like Subler and MetaZ, your solution works fine.




  • banyon100 Level 1 (0 points)


    Is there any way to group home videos by the tape it was added from?  I have just added videos from 10 tapes, each with up to 6 clips per tape. When I go to Apple TV I just see 60 home movies instead of 10 tapes, each with a list clips by tape.  Thanks for your help

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    Hi Banyon,


    iTunes isn't the right software to manage clips. I would rather suggest you to use iMovie or even iPhoto for that purpose. Once you assembled your clips in a project, then add it to iTunes for home sharing.


    Given said that, the only way to group in iTunes would by to make your clips TV Shows where you cloud use Seasons to put organize them together.


    Don't esitate to start your own post if your question is different than the discussed topics.

  • banyon100 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your help, the TV Shows suggestion works great.... Sorry for hijacking original subject

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    My issue is that I don't want the file to move over to my iMac.  I want it to stay on my external hard drive.  I used to achieve this by holding down the option key when dragging movies into iTunes.  Now, they not only go to Home Videos, but it copies the file instead of using the one on my external.  Ideas?

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    FYI, I've found what causes a video to be dropped into 'Home Movies'.


    It's due to the 'Rating' field (not the end user 'star' field, but the hidden meta field for a movies content rating (R, NC-17, PG, etc). If a movie has this rating, it will not show up automatically in Home Movies when it is imported.


    I use iDentify to tag mine, but there are a few out there like MetaX. I had poor results with MetaX as it trashed a few video files on my tests (it's no longer maintained).


    Any tagging app that works with meta fields should be able to set these though.

  • Steve Taylor1 Level 5 (4,670 points)

    In itunes preferences under advanced untick the Copy files to iTunes Media Folder when importing.


    This means iTunes just imports a shortcut to your file rather than importing it.


    For Any of your movie files you need to tag them so they do not get treated as defaults by iTunes and put in Home Movies.



    I use Subler which is very good and allows you to set the Media Kind and what type of HD it is as well as getting all the info about the film. You can save it and then use the send to iTunes function.


    You will end up with an entry in your itunes in the right section pointing to your external hard drive

  • SeaBeast Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Hi DJrumpy,


    I disagree with your findings since my homemade videos are also getting imported into Home Movies and they haven't rating.  Plus, purchasing any video from iTunes store will be placed in the Movie section independently of the its rating.


    HomeVideo is simply the default categories for any manual video importing into iTunes.


    You don't need any external software, simply do a get info on the imported video and in the appropriated tab, change the category from HomeVideo to wathever category you want.

  • DJ.Rumpy Level 1 (10 points)

    That's why they are tagged as home movies. Because they have no MPAA rating. If you add a MPAA rating, the setting stays with the file and importing it into an iTunes library will leave it out of Home Videos category.


    You misunderstand the thread question. It was how to prevent imported movies from going into 'Home Movies'.


    Steve Taylor, whether the files are copied into the iTunes folder is irrelevant to whether or not they are tagged as Home Movies.


    The new category is a problem for pele who rip DVD's and Blu-rays and they end up under Home Movies. Adding an MPAA rating prevents that.