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I often get the message when trying to send mail from ipad yahoo mail account that user name or password is incorrect. If I open the outbox where message is stuck and resend it it goes fine. Sometimes I get this often, other times I do not see this happen for days, weeks or months. Sometimes when I get the error message I have to try and resend the message from the outbox several times before it goes.


This has been happening ever since I've had ios devices over the last couple years, on several different devices ipod, iphone and ipad. It also happens to my friend with his yahoo mail account on a ipone and ipad.


This also has persisted through several ios versions, ios 4 5 and 6.


Not a huge deal since I can get the mail to go through. But highly annoying this problem has persisted for years on serveral versions of ios, serveral different ios devices and to multiple yahoo accounts.


This may be a yahoo problem. I have no idea. Though I have several email accounts, yahoo is my primary account that I use so I can't really say if its yahoo mail specific.


I,ve searched the web and looks like this is not an uncommon problem.


If anyone reads this and has a fix that would be greatly appreciated.


Deleting and re-adding the yahoo mail account does not help as this problem persists.


Also, since I can't find an ios specific community and this problem occures regardless of the ios device I'm gonna post it on all the ios device communities.