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I am trying to upload a video to YouTube using my iPhone 5 and the integrated upload feature from the Photos section.


I view the video in my photos app, and then press the share icon, select YouTube as an option, and I am then asked to log in using my Username  and Password. I enter in my username and password and it says that something has been entered incorrectly. I have tried both my username, my email and also I have changed my password to one that I know is correct, and it still will not work.


This has rendered me unable to upload any videos to YouTube direct from my iPhone. I have managed to do this since I had the new iPhone, so I have no idea what has changed and why I cannot upload the way I did before as it worked perfectly.


The amount of times I have had to re-enter passwords for everything since I have had the iPhone 5 is *ridiculous*. I imported everything over from my iPhone 4, so to have to re-enter everything is just as much of a pain in the neck as starting fresh with a new phone.


I have downloaded the new YouTube app and am logged in on that, but you are not able to upload from the app, so cannot circumvent this password problem.


Please help!


Thank you.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1