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i tried to restore/update my iPhone 3gs with i Tunes. (from 5.1.1. to 6.0.1)


i do not know what went wrong, because i wasnt paying attention to the process all the time, however, the process ended in an error, sadly i dont remember the error code.


since then i have the following problem:


Windows 7 x64 nor iTunes will recognize my iPhone anymore. Also, its not shown in the Device Manager.


i tried:


every USB-Port, 2 different windows PC's and a MAC, on all systems the same Problem... iphone screen stays black and no signs on computer


tried to recharge on wall socket after 1 hour, no reaction from the phone


i updated windows, updated everything apple, uninstalled everything apple, reinstalled everything apple, restarted noumerous times in between, still the same problem


i connected various ipods and iphones from my friends, all are detected just fine.



* another problem i did not yet mention is that my sleep button is broke.. so trying the hard reset is not an option...



any idea, thanks in advance

iPhone 3GS, Windows 7, sleep button broke