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It used to be that the other apartment with the same name didn't have theirs password protected so even though only one or the other would show up, I could always get onto one.  Now, they have password protected theirs and it seems to be that 100% of the time only theirs shows up which I only can tell because it says "invalid password" when I try to connect to the Internet.


I have asked my room mate to just change the name of the network but she is really slow to do anything about it and I need to be able to get the internet at home and the internet is in her and set up through her computer so I really don't have any way of being the one to just go in and fix it myself.


Is there any other way to make Airport recognize that there are two different networks with the same way so it will find mine?  I feel like I have tried everything including mannually typing in the name of my network and typing my password and it still just says "invalid password."  I have also double checked that I was typing in the correct password and I am.  My room mate is not having any problems accessing the Internet so I know the problem is not with our connection (she also has a Mac, almost the same model as me, I have a MacBook Pro purchased in 2011).  I am also able to connect to the Internet on my Mac at coffee shops and the library so I know that the problem is not my computer or my wireless connection so I'm pretty sure it is just that Airport is somehow only recognizing one of the two "WLAN" networks


Any help???!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)