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Lance Mcvickar Level 1 (100 points)

Apple giveth and Apple taketh away. One thing I really liked in itunes was the multiband eq meters, it brought some movement to

a now non moving interface. It be nice if there was a visializer with peak meters to replace what seems to be gone forever.

If I'm missing something please tell me or if anyone knowa of a visualizer with meters and remandation woudl be great.

Sad to see it go that's all, guess I will submit my woes via feedback, other wise itunes 11 seems like a ok facelift.

Also can't seem to play the viualizer in the itunes window anymore and the options are greyed out, when you run the visualizer it goes full screen

just like a full screen app and blacks out your other monitors, not great, so no visualizer unless you go full screen. It be nice if it at least would spand across multiple monitors instead leaving the other monitor black and usless.

Seems you can now stream your purchased songs from the cloud without downloading them which is a plus.

Aonther plus is you hit the green button and itunes window fills your screen, ckick again and it goes to a smaller size.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 16gigs ram, running three montitors
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